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Charles Johnson Falsly Claims NY Times Reporters Gave Wilsonís Address Then Put Reporters In Danger

by actually giving their address.

Here is the article I first came in contact with: http://rightwingnews.com/media/two-new-york-times-reporters-posted-darren-wilsons-home-address-look-see-home-addresses/

Here is the article he quotes and links to that gives the reporters addresses by Charles C. Johnson: http://gotnews.com/cant-publish-addresses-new-york-times-reporters/

Here Snopes eviscerates the claim:


Here is the original article though they did pull the photo of the certificate even though it didn't have Darren Wilson's address in the first place: http://www.nytimes.com/news/ferguson/2014/11/24/quiet-wedding-for-darren-wilson-police-officer-in-ferguson-shooting/?_r=0

So lets re-cap here. Charles C. Johnson who originally gave out the reporters addresses, completely fabricates this story about Darren Wilson's address being given out (because the address on the certificate was of a law firm in Clayton, MO not the Wilson's house in Crestwood) and in a way that makes it sound like giving Wilson's address was the authors main intent, then he turns around and in spectacular fashion, does exactly what he is falsely screaming about, putting the reporters in danger. Not to mention, even if they had given out the actual address, which they didn't, the Wilson's had wisely been gone since August as this article shows: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2014/08/15/at-darren-wilsons-house-neighbors-say-he-and-his-family-took-off/

I am guessing all these recent reports on black kids and adults, all unarmed being killed is

not a new phenomenon right? Surely this has gone on for years but simply wasn't reported on? It's like every couple of months we hear a new story of a black person being killed and all they had was a BB Gun or no gun at all. I imagine there were times not that long ago when this was even more frequent. These current numbers are probably low compared to years passed. Does someone have the ability to pull up all the old cases like this before the media cared? Maybe the passed 10 years? A report or video that compiles hundreds of these types of stories could be quite powerful. It should not go too far back but be relevant to the current climate.

A prominent legal expert eviscerates the Darren Wilson prosecution, in 8 tweets

Following the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, prominent lawyer and MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom argued on Twitter that St. Louis County prosecutors did a bad job questioning Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson  about the shooting of Michael Brown . She argued the questioning was basically a "tea party," far from the "grueling session" it should have been.

Read some of Bloom's tweets:http://www.vox.com/xpress/2014/11/25/7285265/darren-wilson-grand-jury

Cenk Uygur: Prosecutors didn't try or ask for an indictment.

There needs to be an investigation on why the Ferguson announcement was done at night

It doesn't take a brains surgeon to know this was planned by the officials in MO to be announced at the worst possible time and for maximum rioting to occur. Their were several threads yesterday baffled as to why they were putting the decison out to the public late at night. This is treason against ones own community. They were hoping for violence, extreme property damage, even injuries and death. This makes them just as bad if not worse than those doing the damage. At the very least the Governor should take heat for this decision.

White People Rioting Over Stupid Shit

Because a Hockey Team Lost

Because a Baseball Team Won

After a surfing competition


More: https://storify.com/betakateenin/white-people-riots

This chimp's visual processing speed is nuts

I stopped the video and looked at the numbers for ten seconds to try and memorized where they were and still had a hard time getting all 9

How many here would open fire on someone with their hands up?

Don't be afraid to admit you would look an 18 year old kid in the eye with his hands up saying "Okay, Okay" and just blow his brains out. There is nothing wrong with doing this, the Grand Jury has spoken.

I think this is a good time to post this video again

What type of woman is reluctant to report sexual assault?


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