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New Kansas jobs figures stun Sam Brownback, and not in a good way

The Kansas City Star

12/19/2014 9:36 AM
| Updated: 12/19/2014 9:45 AM

The new Kansas jobs numbers were released Friday morning, bringing horrible news to state taxpayers and Gov. Sam Brownback.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the total number of nonfarm jobs in Kansas fell by 4,100 in November.

Kansas’ disturbing experience was at odds with how much of the rest of the country did. A total of 37 other states gained in employment in November, while only 13 others, including Kansas, dropped.

Missouri boosted employment by 4,500 in November, for instance, while Oklahoma gained 3,400 jobs. Two other neighbors, Nebraska and Colorado, were among the job losers, though not close to the number shredded in Kansas.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/yael-t-abouhalkah/article4668108.html#storylink=cpy

Ferguson Prosecutor Admits He Knowingly Put Lying Witness Before Grand Jury

Comes in around the 9:00 mark:


STUDY: Workers in “Right-to-Work” States Receive 24% More Government Assistance

STUDY: Workers in “Right-to-Work” States Receive 24% More Government Assistance

A new study, from University of Illinois-Urbana professors From Labor and Employment Relations professor Robert Bruno and Illinois Economic Policy Institute Director Frank Manzo found that just as “Right-to-Work” allows some workers to freeload to the detriment of others, it also allows states to promote an anti-labor business model on the dime of those who respect workers. Workers in “Right-to-Work” states account for 37.4 percent of federal income tax revenues, for instance, but receive 41.9 percent of non-health, non-retirement government assistance.

“Right-to-Work” states typically receive assistance from the federal government without paying their fair share. Workers in “Right-to-Work” states receive $0.232 in non-health, non-retirement assistance per dollar they contribute in federal income tax. Workers in collective bargaining states, on the other hand, receive $0.187 per federal income tax dollar, or 24 percent less.

Beyond affecting individual contributions to federal assistance programs, “Right-to-Work” laws contribute to the race to the bottom promoted by business interests looking to cut labor costs. The authors of the paper found that “Right-to-Work” laws:

• Reduce worker income from wages and salaries by 3.2 percent on average.
• Lower both the share of workers who are covered by a health insurance plan (by 3.5 percent) and the share of workers who are covered by a pension plan (by 3 percent).
• Reduce union membership rates by 9.6 percent.
• Increase the employment rate (by 0.4 percent), but at the expense of a lower labor force participation rate (by 0.5 percent).


George Stinney, 14, Executed In Vile Act Of Injustice, Exonerated 70s Years Late

While watching this I literally had tears streaming down my face for this poor little boy. Actually, I simply can't stop crying ten minutes later. Thinking of how fucking terrified he must have been when they were strapping him into the electric chair and how he was tortured by it in a most horrific manor. God fucking dam those bastards who did this to him!

2014 will be the hottest year on record

For those of us fixated on whether 2014 will be the hottest year on record, the results are in. At least, we know enough that we can make the call. According the global data from NOAA, 2014 will be the hottest year ever recorded.

I can make this pronouncement even before the end of the year because each month, I collect daily global average temperatures. So far, December is running about 0.5°C above the average. The climate and weather models predict that the next week will be about 0.75°C above average. This means, December will come in around 0.6°C above average. Are these daily values accurate? Well the last two months they have been within 0.05°C of the final official results.

What does this all mean? Well, when I combine December with the year-to-date as officially reported, I predict the annual temperature anomaly will be 0.674°C. This beats the prior record by 0.024°C. That is a big margin in terms of global temperatures.

For those of us who are not fixated on whether any individual year is a record but are more concerned with trends, this year is still important. Particularly because according to those who deny the basic physics and our understanding of climate change, this year wasn’t supposed to be particularly warm.



His Shirt Is Powerful But His Unscripted Words Are Impossible To Ignore

I must say that Andrew Hawkins is beautifully eloquent, sensitive and sharp as a tack. The black community should think about elevating him as a leader if he is interested in taking on the job. Can't tell you how impressed I am with this class act!

Meathead Cop Whines That Cops Are The Victoms In Tamir Rice Shooting

Everyone should be calling the Cleveland Police to complain about this ass hole! 216-623-5000

And here is the number to the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association: 216-623-3333

His name is Jeffrey Follmer


All Kids are born scientists, but are crushed by society itself - Michio Kaku

I changed the title because he didn't say kids are born geniuses, he said scientists.

I remember taking Marine Biology in Junior HS. The entire fucking class was learning Phylums and classifications. This page right here is pretty much the whole lousy semester: http://quizlet.com/4727446/11-marine-bio-phylums-flash-cards/ Such a fascinating subject and I was board stiff! HATED that fucking class! It was like, lets take something really interesting and find a way to bore the fuck out of kids so never in a million years would they want to become a Marin Biologist. This goes for most of my science classes and I LOVE science! I did have some good professors in college who knew how to keep the subject fascinating.

String Theory

Anti-Obama Rally: Lynch Him, 'We've Got Rope'

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