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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
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Journal Archives

The Fixer "Funny or Die"

The nation’s biggest polluters call in the Fixer (Jeff Goldblum) to craft a devious workaround to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.
Click here to join the fight against big polluters and their allies in Congress:


Why does it take Anonymous and not the Pentagon to take down ISIS web pages and Twitter Accounts?

We spend trillions on National Defense and yet it takes a group of rag tag computer nerds to dismantle these things on pocket change?

Can someone explain to me what I am missing?

Donald Trump & 2016 Presidential Election, Republican Nominee Betting Odds

These guys were way off on a couple of things like Bush and Walker but they are funny to listen to.

A must see video by Robert Reich!!!!

What I love about this, is it puts it in a way that anyone can understand. He shows why their is NO Free Market in no uncertain terms!


Bernie Sanders stays at Motel 6 while on the campaign trail (sometimes)

I wonder if he likes them because they sometimes have radiators in which he can dry his two pair of underwear? I say that as a Bernie supporter.

The quirky travel expenses of the 2016 presidential contenders, revealed

By Joey Keeton

As for lodging, who is the only candidate with a Motel 6 receipt? That'd be Bernie Sanders. Only Donald Trump stayed in a Trump hotel, which makes you wonder: Does he stay for free? Or does that break some kind of rule?

Hillary Clinton stayed at a Ritz-Carlton nine times, while Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry stayed only once apiece. (Perry has since dropped out of the race.) Nobody else stayed in a Ritz-Carlton at all, making Clinton somewhat of an outlier, statistically speaking.

From National Journal's graphs, we can see that stays at luxury hotels have been a bit lower than you might expect—but things are still early. The campaign money is split into a lot of fragments, but with each person who drops out, the money gets a little sweeter for everybody else. That's what makes this point in a presidential race so great: Nobody's sure who to endorse, so everybody just gets an equal amount that's high enough for Motel 6s to be avoided (unless you're Sanders, and you just dig Motel 6).


Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

Is anyone here considering taking Syrian refugees into their home?

I have a lot of extra room at my house and have been giving it some thought the last couple of days. Has anyone ever done this? What is the process? What are the pro's and cons?

I have read that in some cases this is a temporary arrangement, with people hosting for a few weeks or months – for example during the period after their guest has been given refugee status, when government support stops, but before receiving the national insurance number that allows them to work.

This is what I would like to do.

Stock Prices of Weapons Manufacturers Soaring Since Paris Attack

By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

16 November 15

he Paris attacks took place on Friday night. Since then, France’s president has vowed “war” on ISIS and today significantly escalated the country’s bombing campaign in Syria (France has been bombing ISIS in Iraq since last January, and began bombing them in Syria in September).

Already this morning, as Aaron Cantú noticed, the stocks of the leading weapons manufacturers – what is usually referred to as the “defense industry” – have soared:

Graphs of Weapons Mfg stocks displayed at link.

Note how immediate the increases are: the markets could barely wait to start buying. The Dow overall is up today only .12%, making these leaps quite pronounced. Reuters, as published on Fox Business, starkly noted the causal connection: “shares of aerospace and defense rose sharply on Monday in reaction to the attacks in France.” The private-sector industrial prong of the Military and Surveillance State always wins, but especially when the media’s war juices start flowing.


ISIL is Weak


Ben Carson Completely Self Destructs And Goes Full Blown Nutter On Fox News

Fox News Sunday tried to ask Ben Carson some policy questions about the terrorist attack in Paris, and the result was a dose of insanity that include a lectured on brain sizes, and Carson’s support for a shooting war with Russia.

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