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Ron White Explains The Biggest Oversight In Trump's Plan For A Border Wall (Video)

This is pretty dam funny!


Christian Anti-Masturbation's Mascot "Fappy" Arrested for Masturbating Naked With The Dolphins

at Sea World in San Diego. (Satire)

Here is Fappy's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fappythedolphin

Fappy was just spreading the "Seed" of his faith around!


Fappy arrested at Sea World
Paul Horner,

San Diego, CA — In an ironic twist of a fate, a mascot for a Christian anti-masturbation group was arrested today for masturbating in public. The mascot, along with his organization, Stop Masturbation Now, recently finished a federally funded 31-city nationwide school tour which they claim focused on educating children about the dangers and consequences of masturbation.

Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin, whose real name is 37-year-old Paul Horner, was arrested at Sea World after employees notified police about a man swimming in the dolphin tank with nothing on except a dolphin mascot head.

Tom Downey with the San Diego Police Department, who took Horner into custody, spoke with local news station KNSD about the arrest.

“We thought at first he was possibly intoxicated or mentally unstable, ya know, talking about children and how deadly it is for them to masturbate. Telling us he was at the park with a Christian organization speaking to children about the dangers of masturbation. Saying things like, ‘They need to stop playing on the Devil’s playground, stop pounding their Devil stick and ringing the Devil’s doorbell’, we thought he was insane,” Downey said. “Turns out he actually was with this anti-masturbation organization who were accompanying a group of 3rd graders around the park when Horner left the children to swim with the dolphins and masturbate. We further learned that Mr. Horner has three previous arrests for public masturbation, all while employed by this Christian organization who goes by the name of Stop Masturbation Now.”



The two major points the press is emphasizing from the debate

I have seen both of these points mentioned several times in various news articles including the one from the below link on Huff Post.

1. Hillary gaffed pretty bad with her remark about Wall Street and 9/11

2. Bernie Sanders scored points by saying he was less of a socialist than Eisenhower.

I don't know if the polls will change much but I do expect to see a slight bump for Sanders and O'Malley a slight dip for Hillary based on the narrative showing up in most articles.


Worst Line From The Debate Tonight

There is no doubt this did some damage:

Hillary Clinton invoked 9/11 to to answer a question about Wall Street, and Twitter was not happy

It's tricky to invoke 9/11 on a debate stage. Trickier still when the question has nothing at all to do with national security.

Moderator Nancy Cordes read one of the Twitter responses to Clinton. Was she sorry she'd brought up the attacks?


I am thinking this will come back to haunt Hillary.

Robert Reich: Hillary Clinton doesn't want to resurrect the Glass-Steagall. Here's why she's wrong

Hillary Clinton’s Glass-Steagall

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act – at least according to Alan Blinder, an economist who has been advising Clinton’s campaign. “You’re not going to see Glass-Steagall,” Blinder said after her economic speech Monday in which she failed to mention it. Blinder said he had spoken to Clinton directly about Glass-Steagall.

This is a big mistake.

It’s a mistake politically because people who believe Hillary Clinton is still too close to Wall Street will not be reassured by her position on Glass-Steagall. Many will recall that her husband led the way to repealing Glass Steagall in 1999 at the request of the big Wall Street banks.

It’s a big mistake economically because the repeal of Glass-Steagall led directly to the 2008 Wall Street crash, and without it we’re in danger of another one.

More: http://robertreich.org/post/124114229225

The Pentagon and Climate Change

Why ISIS would attack Paris, according to an expert

Worth reading, although much of the answer seems to be "we don't really know," and "we shouldn't act until we're sure we know why they did it." ISIS has lost 25% of its territory in recent months. They're already losing, or at least stalled. It's most likely this is lashing out to try to exact a price on those who have been supporting their enemies. If they're already losing, a significant change in strategy could be a mistake, and so we should be wary of doing so.


So isn't this the best way to fight terrorism?


Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War

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