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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
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If states like TX, GA, MS, UT, AK etc. have shifted left 8 to 10 points from the last election

How on earth could it be only a two point Hillary Advantage? Not to mention states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota etc. are now solid blue. Comparing the map from 2012 tells me this is not going to be nearly as close as the media is trying to make it out to be. It seems they manipulate the National Polls to make it look like a Horse Race but the state polls show what is really going on and they show a Clinton blow-out. Keep in mind that Obama won by 4 points:

Current Electoral Vote Map

This day 4 years ago:

LOL! Jill Stein Calls for National Conversation on Oppressive Comedians (not the Onion)

No this is not from the Onion, but sadly, is real life.

A brave voice speaks out against Big Comedy. Jill Stein posted this on Facebook yesterday:

We need to begin having honest conversations about the oppressive tactics corporate comedians continue to do towards already-marginalized groups of people.

This country was built on oppressing The Other (Blacks and indigenous people) and I’m not going to stand for more of this while we deal with major crises in this country that could determine whether we’ll even survive as a species.

Read my statement about how deceptive comedy continues to silence anyone who speaks out against it: jill2016.com/oliveremail

https: //www.facebook.com/drjillstein/videos/1340906079282912/

Since she’s objecting to Oliver’s criticism of herself (for her pseudoscience and unworkable economics), the “marginalized group of people” she’s referring to must be multi-millionaire white politicians. It’s about time someone stood up for them. Go Jill!

I admit I’m confused as to how Oliver’s “deceptive comedy has silenced her for speaking out against him,” since here she is posting about it. Guess her phone has been cut off. John, you bastard!

More: https://bogardiner.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/jill-stein-calls-for-national-conversation-on-oppressive-comedians/

What Scares Donald Trump The Most?

Holy Crap! Gary Johnson FLIPS OUT over tax policy question! He looks nuts here! (video)

He flips out several times but the most intense part is around the 5:20 mark when asked about his insane tax policy ideas.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Third Presidential Debate SNL 10/22/16

Trump Just Removed His Name From His Hotels Due To Plummeting Business

Travel+Leisure reports:

Amidst reports that occupancy rates at Trump Hotels have slipped this election season, the company has announced that new brand hotels will no longer bear the Trump name. “We wanted a name that would be a nod to the Trump family and to the tremendous success it has had with its businesses, including Trump Hotels, while allowing for a clear distinction between our luxury and lifestyle brands,” Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger said in a statement.

Trump Hotels have suffered low occupancy rates as luxury travelers from around the world are shunning the Republican’s properties. The travel site Hipmunk reports double digit booking declines across the board.

However, that’s not the only high profile problem with a Trump’s flagging hotel chain.

The new Trump Hotel in Washington, DC is suffering from high vacancies, and was forced to cut prices nearly in half this month after the Republican nominee suckered cable TV news into covering a long informercial for the property before making a ten second announcement blaming his multi-year birther campaign falsely on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

More: http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/10/22/trump-just-removed-name-hotels-due-plummeting-business/

I suspect at least one deep red state will end up in Hillary's column. Guesses?

I am not talking about a state like AZ which has always been light red. I am talking about states that are usually solid Republican where Romney won by like 15 pts. These are a few that are very tight right now:

South Carolina

If you had to guess which one the polling is just slightly off or will trend to Hillary in the final days, which would it be?

The fact that Ohio has Trump ahead is a big red flag for politicians to stay away from shitty trade

deals. So we have Hillary with a shot at deep red Georgia and Texas but behind in Ohio is pretty eye opening. Trump is such a flawed candidate that he is putting deep red southern states in play this round but those probably won't be in play next time and Ohio will. We can't afford to lose Ohio in the future in a closer election so Democrats better take notice. Ohio is freaking me out.

Those saying Trump just wants to found ultra right wing media and not win I think are wrong

This man is not rational. Would one now say Hitler didn't want to rule Germany, he really just wanted to make money on some other business deal? Trump would LOVE to be President and run things like a dictator. He isn't making stupid mistakes because he is smart and courting a bunch of racist ass holes, he is making stupid mistakes because he is unbalanced. He is extremely thin skinned and used to having people bow down to him and praise him. What is occurring now is his brain going haywire from people laughing at him and him losing to a woman or a gender he has zero respect for and sees as having no worth. When someone is in a tail spin they REALLY think by bringing in the woman who accused Bill of unwanted advances is going to turn things right around. When the brain is breaking down it starts to lose sense of reality. He is just charismatic enough to be extremely dangerous to the racists and far right religious nuts!

My gut tells me there will be violence from Trump supporters after he loses

How much violence will depend on whether Trump accepts the results or if he screams it was stolen. Like their leader, many of his supporters are certifiably nuts and very well armed. Another Oklahoma City or worse is certainly not out of the question. This could be bad and Trump's leadership will mean the difference.
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