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Amy Schumer Attacks Anti-Choice Republicans In Hilarious New Sketch (video)

April 24, 2016 12:40 am ·

Whenever Amy Schumer has aimed to make a feminist statement, she’s hit her mark perfectly. She’s back on television for the fourth season of her Comedy Central show “ Inside Amy Schumer ,” and she’s delivered another spot-on sketch about the GOP’s never-ending war on women, and the absurdity of male politicians making personal decisions for women.
For the show’s premiere, Schumer opened with a hilariously accurate skit about women’s healthcare. During the sketch, Amy is at her OBGYN’s office to get her pap smear when she realizes that instead of her gynecologist, she’ll be seen by four politicians from a fictitious House Committee on Women’s Health.

Schumer demands to know where the real doctor is, and one of the congressmen replies with the very logic that has been used by several GOP lawmakers: “We’re the House Committee on Women’s Health! So I think we have a better idea than a bunch of science-y nerdles.”

The four fake congressmen then pull out clipboards and bombard Schumer with a bunch of misogynistic questions about her sex life and vaginal health. They shame Schumer’s sexual history, call her menstruation cycle a “lady curse” and refer to tampons as “blood diapers.” One politician is completely silent during the whole thing, aside from randomly inserting “ew” as Schumer tells her ill-advised committee about her vagina or period.

Continued with video at link: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/04/24/amy-schumer-attacks-anti-choice-republicans-in-hilarious-new-sketch-video/

Liberal Redneck on Transgender Bathrooms

Denmark McDonalds Employees Earn HOW MUCH? [Warning: Happiness Ahead]

Why I think Clinton and the Country Owners have decided to take Bernie down now

I don't think it's because Bernie has that great a shot of getting the nomination though I think there is still a slight chance, but even as a supporter of his I am not worried about him getting the presidency. In fact, I don't really think that is what this is about for Bernie. For him its more about him building a revolution and staying the leader of that revolution to keep those in charge accountable.

I am reminded of a business communications course I took in college where in one of the lessons we were split into three groups. The work force, middle management and upper management. In my eyes Hillary represents middle management and Wall Street and our owners represent upper management. Bernie represents the workers or perhaps something like a union leader. The course was taught in what is called experiential learning where the professor passes things along to each group designed to cause tension and conflict between the workers and upper management and middle management is left feeling torn because they answer to both. It was quite interesting listening to everyone talk about how they felt and the middle managers were the ones who took the brunt of stress because they got it from both sides. I think this is why we are seeing Hillary get a bit angry from time to time. It's because she is feeling pressure from "upper management" and from "the work force" and that kind of pressure is very real if you are in the middle of it!

For the most part this countries upper management has kept a lid on the workers and diverted attention away from themselves as a reason for peoples struggles toward brown people and poor people. My guess is that after Sanders has won 6 or 7 straight they see his power building and the revolution beginning and this scares the shit out of them! But here is the thing, Sanders doesn't have to win to have major impacts on the country he just has to build a watchdog movement that will hold Clinton's middle management feet to the fire which is exactly what they don't want. They don't want pressure on middle management from the workers, they want us angry at poor brown people!

Every time Sanders points out that it's Wall Street fucking things up and Clinton is beholden to them they must fucking be going berserk! The curtain is being pulled back on their middle management and who is pulling their strings is being exposed! The people are waking up! What Sanders will now be able to do is point out every time Hillary is not working in our best interest and his followers will protest and rise up! They see this as a huge threat and Hillary I am sure is feeling the heat from her donors to chop the legs off of the leader of the movement and do it pronto! Swift and harsh! Problem is every time they do this Sanders calls them out.

So to my fellow Sanders supporters, don't worry if Sanders loses to Hillary because he is building a revolution and he will be the leader of that revolution regardless of being president or not and he might actually be more effective at putting pressure on Hillary and making changes outside the Whitehouse than in it. And maybe Hillary really wants to do the things Sanders is talking about? The louder we yell and twist her arm the more she will be forced to start looking at her donors in the eye and say, sorry my hands are tied, do you not see the Revolution going on out there? And if she doesn't then we just have to get louder and fight back harder! The Revolution has begun and is beginning to take root. Lets keep it growing from a sapling into a Giant Sequoia!

Video - Robert Reich and Barney Frank clash over Bernie Sanders’ remarks on ‘too big to fail’


Erica | Bernie Sanders

Currently running in NY.

An Alberta Dad raps in response to the mother who rapped about the transgender guidelines

Response to this piece of crap!!!!

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