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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 26,759

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Why you don't draw on a drawn gun!

I think this is important because so many people think having the gun is going to protect them once a gun has been drawn on them and end up dead. Even if you are patient and wait for an opening, unless you are very well trained and have nerves of steel, you probably should NOT try to shoot at someone who has their gun drawn because if you miss then you are probably dead. Remember, if they wanted to kill you they would have probably already done that so by starting a gun fight with someone who already has their gun drawn you are probably decreasing your odds of survival. You would have been better off not having a gun if it causes you to take chances.

Of course if you are in a club and someone is shooting at everyone then that changes the equation because they have then shown they are killing as many folks as possible but you would want to place that shot just right or the shooter will turn his attention to you immediately and if they have an assault weapon they have a huge advantage.

Warning! Graphic video!

Warren, Kaine, Castro on Clinton running-mate short list. Who do you think she will pick?

According to this new article (link below) sources are now saying Hillary has it down to these three. I would put money on Castro. Would like to see Warren but don't want to lose that Senate seat. Could care less about Kaine.

Link to story: http://www.aol.com/article/2016/06/21/warren-kaine-castro-on-clinton-running-mate-short-list/21399401/

How long it takes to shoot and reload different guns

Sandy Hook idiot Truthers say Hillary is actually actor Shirley Jones and more!

This is why nothing ever gets done on gun control or anything else

This is why we need a revolution. You want to see taxation without representation? Our current system makes King George look like an armature:

Jackie DeShannon - What The World Needs Now Is Love

'Media Is Corrupt' Chanted At Media During Bernie Rally

According to Tucker Carlson by just saying the words "islamic extremism" Obama could have prevented

the shooting. Why haven't us Democrats learned that all we have to do to win the war on terror is use different words and the shootings would instantly stop?

John Oliver - Trump University: Vol. 1

South Florida and Sea Level Rise

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