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Quixote1818's Journal
Quixote1818's Journal
August 27, 2017

With the Hurricane not hitting Houston directly, I doubt too many mayors would have said to evacuate

First of all Harvey missed Houston by 220 miles. That would have been like evacuating Pensacola, Florida when Katrina was headed toward New Orleans. Mayors are not trained in weather forecasting, urban geography, 100 year floods and how they impact runoff etc. Now had NOAA had an expert leader in place, he / she might have been able to advise the Houston Mayor on evacuations. Hard to know for sure? Trump however hasn't filled that position yet.

Snip: Trump's pick for FEMA administrator was confirmed in June, but officials at NOAA are still waiting for Trump to nominate someone to lead the key weather monitoring agency. The post remains vacant -- and without a Trump nominee -- alongside dozens of other deputy, under and assistant secretary positions in the Trump administration that require Senate confirmation.
And while Trump nominated two deputy directors for FEMA, they have yet to be confirmed into their positions.


August 27, 2017

Could the fact that Antifa has shown the left can be violent if they need to be, kept the right

in check a bit? I wonder if the Right Wing would be more aggressive now had there not been some violence after Trump was elected?

Not taking a side here yet, I just wonder if the left had looked too timid would the Alt-Right have been more embolden at this point thinking they could walk all over us?

Just asking the question because it's an interesting one. Maybe fighting fire with fire is needed in some instances? On the other hand, when the left looks violent it kind of undercuts our message so it's a fine line. I am kind of torn but I think the question should be asked. Is some violence needed from our side so it doesn't look too weak when the other side starts move at us?

Edited to add video:

August 26, 2017

The Founding Fathers sure did a poor job with checks and balances against a complete idiot

Trump is showing that there are a lot of holes in our Constitution. What the fuck is with there being unlimited pardon power in one person's hands? Why would that ever be a good idea?
August 19, 2017

Award-Winning Journalist Just Revealed Trumps Ex-Partner Is Ratting Him Out For Bank Fraud

admin August 18, 2017 News
London’s The Spectator just dropped a bombshell report saying that Donald Trump’s mendacious ex-partner, Felix Sater, in the failed Trump SoHo condominium project may have already snitched on the President of the United States in a major criminal bank fraud conspiracy case. Special Counsel Mueller reportedly took over the federal probe into the Trump SoHo Hotel just under a month ago, and the investigation could lead to broad criminal charges.

In his story entitled, “Forget Charlottesville – Russia is still the true Trump scandal,” the Bayeux-Calvados Award-winning journalist Paul Wood – who broke this major story about the Trump-Russia dossier for the BBC News – dropped a tremendous bombshell:

For several weeks there have been rumours that Sater is ready to rat again, agreeing to help Mueller. ‘He has told family and friends he knows he and POTUS are going to prison,’ someone talking to Mueller’s investigators informed me.

Sater, the mafia-linked Russian emigre, was Trump’s development partner at Bayrock Group, which developed Trump SoHo and later a senior advisor to the Trump Organization.

Newly leaked emails reveal that the entire Trump family is involved in the $350 million dollar bank fraud investigation surrounding the Trump SoHo Hotel, which they promoted on NBC’s The Apprentice for two years.

After noting that he rented the penthouse of 40 Wall Street in the Trump Office Tower all the way back in 1996, Sater spilled the beans to the New Yorker in an extensive interview earlier this month:

[Felix Sater] couldn’t resist telling me though that something big was brewing. “In about the next 30 to 35 days,” he told me, “I will be the most colorful character you have ever talked about. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about it now, before it happens. And believe me, it ain’t anything as small as whether or not they’re gonna call me to the Senate committee.”

More: http://thingsdaily.net/award-winning-journalist-just-revealed-trumps-ex-partner-is-ratting-him-out-for-bank-fraud/
August 18, 2017

I think the Stone Mountain sculpture will eventually come down

Just like with gay marriage the country is moving left on these things. I think it's probably too early to go after Stone Mountain but give it five or ten years and it will eventually be gone.

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