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Politifact backs up Sanders numbers on Single Payer. It would save families $5,800 each year

Snip> So, oddly, our calculation produced exactly the same amount of federal health spending -- $1.38 trillion a year -- as Sanders’ own estimate for his single-payer plan.


Snip: But, he argues, people would save money since they would no longer have to pay monthly premiums or deductibles. A family of four earning $50,000 would save more than $5,800 each year.

Snip: Businesses, meanwhile, would save more than $9,400 annually since they would no longer have to pick up their share of workers' health insurance premiums.


New Poll 70% of Californians Support CA Medicare for All Bill providing universal single-payer

In response to the other thread that says 66% oppose it in CA. Also, Pew Research has the national number at 60% for singer payer: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/23/public-support-for-single-payer-health-coverage-grows-driven-by-democrats/


A full 70 percent of Californians favor establishing a public, Medicare for all type system providing universal single-payer health coverage, with lower costs for all Californians, as proposed in the Healthy California Act, SB 562.

Moreover, even after hearing the main opposition arguments to SB 562, a strong majority, by up to 58 percent say they still support the goals of SB 562. Less than a third oppose it.

That’s the findings of a new public opinion poll by the Tulchin Research firm, from a survey of 600 likely November 2018 California voters May 25 to 29. The California Nurses Association/National Nurses United sponsored the poll.

Pollsters also read those interviewed specific arguments made by the insurance industry opponents of the bill, including the (unsubstantiated) claims that it would cost more than twice the current state budget, eliminate patient choices, and cost jobs, or shortchange other state priorities, contrasted with leading arguments for the bill.

Even after hearing the opposition arguments, support for SB 562 still was as high as 58 percent. Less than a third said they opposed the bill after hearing the opposition arguments.

More: http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/press/entry/new-poll-70-percent-of-californians-support-ca-medicare-for-all-bill/

Why cats are smarter than humans

Jesse Owens, Hitler reaction

Bill Maher F**ing fees

Just had to pay a $33 fee for simply changing my insurance coverage. After all, it did take the lady on the phone 2 minutes to make this change. Fucking assholes!


This is epic!

Wonderful news! China Banning Non-Electric Cars!

This is a huge step forward in slowing global warming! China bought 1/3rd of the cars built last year. If they go electric then there will be huge pressures on American car makers to go that direction too.

The world’s largest car market just announced an imminent end to gas and diesel cars
A romp through recent, remarkable news about electric vehicles in China and beyond.
Updated by David Roberts@drvoxdavid@vox.com Sep 13, 2017, 3:02pm EDT

On Saturday, a Chinese official told the audience at an auto forum in Tianjin that the government is working on a timetable to end “production and sales of traditional energy vehicles,” i.e., gasoline and diesel cars, according to accounts from the Xinhua News Agency. Regulators have begun the “relevant research,” and the policy will be implemented “in the near future.”

Details are somewhat sketchy, but it appears the government plans to shift away from the massive research and consumer subsidies of recent years to something like a cap-and-trade program for fuel economy and emissions, with automakers facing rising quotas but tradable credits providing some compliance flexibility.

It’s not a concrete policy yet; we’ll have to see how it’s implemented. But for a moment, look beyond the policy to the optics. This is the world’s largest car market — responsible for around 30 percent of global passenger vehicle sales — announcing an imminent end to fossil fuel cars. That’s a big, big deal.

It is just one of many remarkable developments around EVs recently. The past year has seen trumpet blast after trumpet blast heralding the arrival of an EV revolution — sooner than most analysts expected.

More: https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/9/13/16293258/ev-revolution

Shields and Brooks on Hillary Clintons election candor, Trumps dealing with Democrats

Some models now have Jose hitting New York City on the 18th or Bangor Maine on the 19th

This model shows it grazing Cape Cod then moving toward Maine on the 19th: https://www.windy.com/?2017-09-19-18,42.025,-65.149,6

Whatever this guy is watching shows it headed toward NYC. By the way, he is a nut and thinks the hurricanes are engineered but the site he is using is real:

Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference

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