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Quixote1818's Journal
Quixote1818's Journal
December 23, 2020

Native Americans Clash With Christian Prayer Group at Ohio Sacred Site

Native Americans have clashed with a Christian prayer group that went to pray at a historical site in Ohio that is sacred to the former.

Dave Daubenmire, a former high school football coach who now leads Pass the Salt Ministries in Hebron, took a group to pray at the Great Serpent Mound near Peebles on Sunday.

The American Indian Movement of Ohio's executive director Philip Yenyo and other members met Daubenmire's group in the site's parking lot after finding out about the event, which was planned to coincide with the winter solstice.

Snip: Another member of the prayer group then approaches Yenyo and tells him: "It's public land. This land will be taken in the name of Jesus."


December 23, 2020

Went with a family member to Goodwill tonight. The manager argued with two ant-maskers

This is the fist time I have seen an argument break out over masks in person so it was kind of dramatic to see in person and not on a YouTube video. Both these men were like little children when asked to put a mask on. I think the store gave the first guy a mask because he didn't have one and then he put it on over his forehead. She then told him to put it over his mouth and then he put it over his chin. This went on for a couple of minutes then there was an argument before he finally put it on. It was like she was dealing with a toddler ONLY I have been working in the schools all fall and the kids have been absolute WONDERFUL about listening and keeping their masks on. It got me thinking that it's such a sad state when the kindergartners are more mature than the fucking Trump cult DEPLORABLES!
December 20, 2020

Can a new Republican win unless he/she moves away from things like Qanon?

I know there is a huge portion of the population that buys into this crap but it's not a majority and most people see it as batshit crazy. Trump got in by the skin of his teeth but I don't see how Republicans can continue to straddle the crazy line and continue to win. I suspect unfortunately there will be some sort of terror attack in the next few years that is connected to these whack jobs and there will be backlash making it even harder for a candidate to embrace this crazy shit.

Where do you see the Republican party going in 4 years? Continue off the deep end or slowly ween themselves off of Trump nuttery?

December 18, 2020

Why Trump can't give up being a Mobster

Interesting listening to this guy. He says being a mob boss was better then being a movie star because of the power. He also still brags about being good at being a crook which reminds me of Trump narcissism.

December 18, 2020

How come the parking lots of Albuquerque gyms are still full?

I thought places like gyms were either closed or at very limited capacity? Drove by two today and they looked packed.

December 18, 2020

Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

December 16, 2020

Have you noticed how often Trump supporters scream the US is a Republic and not a Democracy?

What is all that about? Is this some BS that rightwing radio and Fox has been hitting them with? Do they think the Democratic Party is illegitimate or something because we are technically a Republic? Do they not understand that the major difference between a democracy and a republic is that a republic is a form of government and a democracy is an ideology that helps shape how a government is run. So a republic is the SYSTEM of government that allows a country to be democratic.

It's very nuanced so I am sure it goes way over the top of their heads. I have seen this frequently on the Daily Show when they interview Trump supporters. I wish the interviewer would have this information handy and throw it at them so they could just stand there with blank looks on their faces.

December 15, 2020

Milo Yiannopoulos: 'I Lost Everything Helping Put Trump in Office'

Disgraced gay speaker and writer Milo Yiannopoulos is having yet another meltdown online, this time over his precious “Daddy,” Donald Trump, losing the presidential election.

Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from Facebook and Twitter, went on to “free speech platform” Parler to find a place for his rant, which started after the Supreme Court shut down a lawsuit from the state of Texas seeking to overturn the election simply because its guy lost.

“BURN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO THE F**KING GROUND,” he wrote. “Trump’s SCOTUS appointments were pointless. We defended a selfish clown for nothing.”

More: https://www.advocate.com/politics/2020/12/14/milo-yiannopoulos-i-lost-everything-helping-put-trump-office?fbclid=IwAR0SNkf24kFlM7ghIoEMtmV2SZVAdoPi2ymxgE4ep6LFQMDUbs9I-oA5id4

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