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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 28,201

Journal Archives

Michael Moore has lost all credibility with this latest film

I watched it yesterday and have been reading about it on a number of websites doing fact checking. He has become a joke. I know he didn't write it but he produced it and put his stamp of approval on it. It's so outdated and littered with errors it's absolutely stunning! Showing technology from 10 years ago and passing it off as though it is current technology is extremely dangerous, reckless and lazy filmmaking on an epic level. Cherry picked gotcha moments and no opportunities to give other sides. It's complete trash and I have lost any grain of respect I had for his competence and credibility.



Filmmaker Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore on bombshell climate film


Elon Musk's calls to end lockdown reflect a 'growing sentiment' in the U.S.: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Most people who get coronavirus likely have some level of immunity: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Michael Moore's Takedown of the Eco Warriors! (Planet of the Humans)

Planet Of The Humans - EVs, Green Energy in Michael Moore's Confused New Documentary

Fake Coronavirus Cure Liability (LegalEagle's Law Review)

Putin in a hospital for covid patients and Mike Pence talking to one

Yes, the guy in the seat is a recovering Covid19 patient.


Vice President Pence visits with coronavirus survivor Dennis Nelson at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., during a tour of facilities supporting COVID-19 research and treatment.

Can you imagine the protests right now if Obama was President through all of this?

Do you think another civil war would have already erupted?

I think the protestors are a bit confused since Trump is in office other than HIM telling people to resist against Democratic Governors. Fucking A hole!

Editing to say that there is a chance everything could have been avoided if Obama was President. His virus response team would have told him shit could hit the fan very early. He would have acted! He might have even got the entire world to shut off travel to and from China and shined a light on what was going on over there very early.
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