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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
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Journal Archives

Arrested For Wearing a Helmet in Public - $250,000 Settlement Rejected

This is a really great channel. The legal analysis is always spot on!

Hadn't seen a JP Sears video in a few years. When did he become a right wing conspiracy kook?

Or was he always one?

Snip: In a November 2020 article for the Office for Science and Society, McGill University science communicator Jonathan Jarry described Sears as part of the conspirituality trend, combining conspiracy theories and New Age spirituality. He notes that Sears has promoted claims about COVID-19 such as that Vitamin D provides protection against the disease, and has referred to masks as "face suffocators."[19] In January 2021, following up on Office for Science and Society piece, Vice reported that in November, on election day, Sears attended a gathering at the home of film producer Stephen Huntsman to pray for Donald Trump and to make "an implicit protest against COVID safety guidelines." Other attendees included Plandemic producer Mikki Willis, anti-vaccine activist Del Bigtree, and Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples. According to Vice, Sears has implied that COVID related lockdowns are "a pretext to limit human freedom" and that the 2020 Presidential election was affected by voter fraud.[20]

In February 2021, Sears appeared as a speaker at the Health Freedom Summit, an online event featuring speakers promoting anti vaccination and mask mandates, and pro-homeschool views.[21]

Sinema IGNORES Another Concerned Constituent

Woman Intervenes In A WRONGFUL Arrest

Bombshell Report Ties January 6 Organizers to GOP Congress Members: A Closer Look

Full Timeline of the Dune Universe (34,000 Years)

This movie is a current event. Hopefully the video can stay.

Allegations Made Against Man Responsible For Film Safety On 'Rust' Set

So conservatives hate drug companies now. They see them as "Gov. monopolies"

I saw them calling them "Gov. monopolies" in the comment section of a YouTube video about vaccines and found this kind of a fascinating take for conservatives. So I just pretended to be a conservative in a youtube comment section and blamed these Gov. monopolies on Citizens United and was stunned how many anti-vaxxers agreed and wanted Citizens United ended. LOL Maybe we need to fight smarter against these people?

What employees were saying about Facebook during Capitol riot

What is said around the 4 minute mark is fascinating. A Facebook employee set up a fake account and liked things like the GOP, Fox News, Trump etc. and within a week was getting QAnon and 3%er recommendations. That fucking pisses me off!

'Daily Show's' Klepper reveals what happened at Trump rally

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