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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 26,930

Journal Archives

Ukrainian military DROPPED A BOMB FROM A DRONE right into the hatch of a car with Russian soldiers

Bitcoin is stupid 'cause it's very likely to go to zero,' says Charlie Munger

Texas Paul REACTS to Top Republican Using Russian Talking Points

Anti-Vaxers Are Starting Communes in Mexico

The U.S. is not sending its best to Mexico. We are sending kooks, we are sending idiots, we are sending twits and some I assume are good people.

Cops Attack Black Child with Autism and His Sister

The 14-year-old's mother, Chante Ware, said he was waiting for his siblings and cousins to check out with purchases bought with Easter money, and was thrown to the ground after his sister screamed, “What the (expletive) are you doing? Get the (expletive) off my brother” and “He has autism, he has autism.”

The chaotic scuffle, caught on video by a bystander, escalated with the teen brought to the floor after his 17-year-old sister tried to push the deputy away from him. She was eventually arrested. Another child could be heard crying in the background. As the scene unfolds, the teen's sister repeatedly tells the deputy and men who appear to be plainclothes officers that her brother has autism. She grows more enraged as the situation unfolds and at points grabs the deputy.

More: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Mom-Autistic-son-a-victim-of-racial-profiling-17090413.php?fbclid=IwAR0dXDZJw378LKNrfp9sE1tsoSDs0bgA5HRMjjANSUBN0AbQ2U8JRdGU8J0

Excerpt; Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, "Civility," April 2000.

It seems like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich were the beginning of the end of civility in American politics.

Sen Mallory McMorrow is extremely impressive. Dems need to elevate her

She checks all the boxes for someone who could win the Presidency down the road. She just needs a bit more experience and to be elevated into some sort of major Democratic position for a few years.

1. Charismatic as hell
2. Tough
3. Smart as hell
4. Integrity

I can't be the only person who was thinking this listening to her obliterate the GOP attacks on her?


Trump Gets Triggered By The Truth In Piers Morgan Interview

Roger Stone

Thoughts on why Stone would say this to Trump? Is he on Trump's side or is he trying to mess with Trump?

Ranking The World's Angriest Scammers - 10/10 Rage

Too good not to share even if it gets locked.

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