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Quixote1818's Journal
Quixote1818's Journal
November 30, 2023

Business Insider: Don't be surprised if Mark Cuban runs for president

Analysis by Madison Hall Nov 29, 2023, 11:08 AM MST

On Tuesday, longtime Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shocked the sports world after reportedly selling a "majority stake" of the team to Miriam Adelson, wife of the late casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson, for approximately $3.5 billion.

The transaction was reported just one day after Cuban confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's leaving ABC's hit reality television show, "Shark Tank," after the upcoming 16th season.

Frankly, Cuban's recent moves are perplexing — being the owner of the basketball team and later becoming one of the faces of "Shark Tank" are pretty much the two sole things that's turned him into a household name.

Prior to purchasing the Mavericks at the turn of the 21st century from the son of failed presidential candidate Ross Perot, Cuban was realistically much more known for becoming a billionaire after selling "Broadcast.com" to Yahoo for more than $5 billion worth of company shares just before the dot-com bubble burst in what Fortune magazine previously called one of the "5 worst Internet acquisitions of all time."

More: https://www.businessinsider.com/dont-be-surprised-if-mark-cuban-runs-for-president-2023-11

Also, Kyle Kulinski brought this up today:

November 30, 2023


Most people will walk by someone in distressed UNLESS they are dressed in a suit and tie and have the "right" look.

November 29, 2023

I have a hunch that another Trump loss will cause much of his base to check out of politics

A lot of these people were not interested in politics until Trump started talking their racist, shallow language. I really think it will be so discouraging for them if Trump loses, they will just check out, as there really is no one currently as weird and as hateful as Trump to fill those massive clown shoes.

November 29, 2023

Trump's REJECTION of Constitutional Oath BACKFIRES in his FACE

I think this was a epic mistake for Trump. As Chris Christie says, Dems will be talking about Trump saying he didn't take an oath on the Constitution relentlessly, up until the election.

November 29, 2023

Am I missing something? It looks like Biden is back up in the latest polls at 538

Why did the press not cover the polls where Biden is up?


Polls ending Nov. 27, 2023
President: general election, 2024
Nov. 25-27
1,323 RV
The Economist Biden 44% 42% Trump Biden +2
Nov. 20-27

Biden 39% 37% Trump Biden +2
Nov. 26, 2023
President: general election, 2024
Nov. 24-26
6,527 RV
Morning Consult
Biden 43% 42% Trump Biden +1
Nov. 24-26
1,001 A
The Canadian Press Biden 37% 35% Trump Biden +2
Nov. 20, 2023

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