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WhiteTara's Journal
WhiteTara's Journal
August 30, 2018

Free Parking August 29 2018


In August 1920, women won the right to vote. By 1970, only one woman was in Congress. This year more than 300 women are running for federal offices and more than 30,000 have shown interest in running for all offices in the country.

The repudiation of women in 2016 by selecting a corrupt man over a fully qualified woman was eye-opening; so eye-opening that millions of women protested and are now campaigning for offices all over the U.S. There will be many victories for these women and some will be life changing. Black women are the most highly educated segment in America and their leadership can only bring a new level of equality and fairness in local, state and federal offices.

more http://eureka.news/free-parking-46|
August 18, 2018

Here's my column on just this topic

Free Parking August 15 2018


“When the rain comes, it don’t fall on one man’s house.” Bob Marley

Follow me down memory lane to 1996 when the Democratic slogan was Bridge to the 21st Century. Al Gore followed with Prosperity and Progress in 2000. We, as a country, had money in the bank, our debt was paid down and scheduled to be paid in full in a few years, we had lived through a relatively peaceful eight years and were being diligent about our national security.

Gore was intently focused on future technology and education for the new Green Society of solar and wind technologies, phasing out planet-killing coal and oil. Yes, we were going to avert the climate crisis we are now experiencing, and keep building a society that would provide prosperity for all.

But here we are today, speeding down the Highway to Hell. A stolen election here, a stolen election there and pretty soon you have a fascist government run for the benefit of corporate owners and their cronies, demanding the rest of us grovel and fight for scraps dropped on the ground.

please click on the link for the rest of the story...I get little eyeball clicks as a reward.

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