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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
Number of posts: 21,763

Journal Archives

Pictures from the Rally in Support of Congressman Steve King

North Korea Issues New Stamps for the New Year

The DPRK, North Korea, has released new stamps for 2019. Yonhap News (YNA is a South Korean News Organization) shows one of the stamps. It is for use only in North Korea, so getting one would be rather difficult and costly.



According to the WSJ, that's how many House Republicans did not vote for Mc Carthy to be their leader
So, more Republicans did not vote for McCarthy to lead their party than the number Democrats that did not vote for Pelosi to be Speaker (and in essence be their leader, even though Hoyer has the title of House Majority leader)

People you may not realize are still alive

In light of the sad deaths of the Captain, Super Dave, Penny Marshall, Mean Gene and others, I decided to post alist of people you may not realize are still alive, or maybe how old they are

In the 100 or older club:
Roberta McCain 106 (the mother of John McCain)
Julie Gibson 104
Beverly Cleary 102
Herman Wouk 102
Nini Theilade 102 (Famous ballerina. Midsummer's Night Dream 1935)
Norman Lloyd 102 (Actor. Oldest working actor in the world -- still active. Most recent movie Trainwreck 2015. Gave up tennis two years ago)
Olivia de Havilland 101
Kirk Douglas 101
Vera Lynn 101
Art Rupe 100 (He started Specialty Records, noted for its rhythm & blues, blues, gospel and early rock and roll music recordings, in Los Angeles in 1946)
I.M. Pei 100 (architect)


Hugh Downs - 97
Carol Channing
John Paul Stevens

Carl Reiner - 96

Normal Lear - 95
Larry Storch
Chuck Yeager
Pierre Cardin
Cicely Tyson

Gloria Vanderbilt - 94
Doris Day
Rhonda Flemming
Bob Barker
Bob Dole
Jimmy Carter

Leslie Phillips - 93
Bill Macy
Hal Holbrook

Dick van Dyke - 92
Marv Levy

Mel Brooks - 91
Sidney Poitier
Cloris Leachman
William Daniels
Lee Iacocca

Norm Crosby - 90
Vin Scully
Estelle Parson
Walter Mondale
Doc Severinsen
Peter Mark Richman

Still with us -- sadly

Lyndon La Rouche - 95
Robert Mugabe - 94
Henry Kissinger - 94
Sumner Redstone - 94
Alan Greenspan - 92
Tommy Lasorda - 90
Orson Bean - 89
Rupert Murdoch - 87
Roman Polanski - 84
Don King - 86
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