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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
Number of posts: 21,771

Journal Archives

LIE US INTO WAR - a Parody

What it's like working with wildlife rescued from Australia's deadly fires

Tracy Burgess has 15 possums living in her home, including one with paws so badly burned, she has to bandage them nightly.

She's a volunteer with Australia's Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services, which is working to help creatures caught in the country's deadly infernos.

Ecologists at the University of Sydney estimate 480 million animals have died in the fires in New South Wales since September. The wildfires have destroyed about five million hectares of land in Australia.


I'm hearing stories from the [New South Wales] Rural Fire Service about hundreds of wallabies just seen in piles dead in the bush areas that have been burnt.



Next time someone tells you the Earth is flat

If the Earth were flat, cats would have knocked everything off

Na Haeun dance covers at Melon Music Awards for some of Korea's most popular dancers

The Melon Music Awards are the Korean equivalent of the Grammies (That's the best I can describe it)
These awards are for the Best Male Dancer and Best Female Dancer
Na Haeun is a girl in 4th grade at the time of these awards. She does brief covers for the likes of EXO, BTS (4th dance - 방탄소년다 ), Seventeen (Home) - Male Dancers and Itzy, Twice, and Cheong Ha (청하 ) - Female Dancers at the awards
She has performed at the awards the last three years and is popular with the Korean Boy Bands and Girl Groups.

For the male dancers, her performances being at 0:49, for the female dancers 5:40
She is very talented and my daughters love her. BTS, EXO BlackPink and Cheong Ha (among others) think she's Awesome

'Not A Drop!' Seven Decades Of Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters (5 pics from set)

A Soviet anti-alcohol poster from 1930. The text exhorts people to "smash" alcohol, describing it as "the enemy of the cultural revolution."

A poster from 1929. A child changes the word "Spirit" into "Sport." In 1929, the Soviet government ordered a massive closure of beer stalls and other places selling alcohol.

"And they say that we are pigs..." Another poster from 1958.

A poster from 1959 warns that foreign spies are hunting for hard drinkers.

"A shameful union -- a slacker and vodka!" This poster was issued in Ukraine in 1981

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