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Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
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Surviving and thriving: Chancellor Lee Adams turns 16

In 1999, they tried to kill Chancellor Lee Adams before he was born.

They conspired to commit murder – to shoot and kill his mother. That way the unborn baby’s life would end, too, and his father wouldn’t have to pay any child support. It was a horrific crime that altered Chancellor’s life forever and exposed us all to the dark side of professional sports.

And yet here is the son of former Carolina Panthers first-round draft pick Rae Carruth. He is smiling, holding on to his grandmother’s arm and walking slowly toward the horse named “Raider” that he rides every week.


Chancellor has special needs. Owing to his traumatic birth, he has cerebral palsy. Loss of blood and oxygen the night of his birth caused permanent brain damage. When he was born, he looked blue.

link: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article45045603.html#storylink=cpy

I remember this case vaguely. I was surprised when it happened.
After seeing he helped kill his g/f I thought he was garbage
But reading this, Rae Carruth is much worse than that
3 of the 4 people involved have apologized to the mother of the woman they killed...
Guess which one hasn't
The loser gets out in a couple of years

The Vampire Hedgehog 3 Adorably Cute photos

Move over Bunnicula there's now Huff, the Vampire (?) Hedgehog

3-year-old Huff, a rescued hedgehog that lives in Utah, who’s not just your regular sweet-looking hedgehog, he has a pair of vampy fangs that should scare all of us, but we’re really just collectively going ‘awww!’


That's Brigadier Penguin to you

Nils Olav the most famous king penguin in the world, parades his way to a new honour

On Monday morning, 22 August, His Majesty the King of Norway’s Guard paid a very special visit to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo to bestow a unique honour upon our resident king penguin Sir Nils Olav. Already a knight, the most famous king penguin in the world was given the new title of “Brigadier Sir Nils Olav”.

The prestigious title was awarded during a special ceremony which was attended by over 50 uniformed soldiers of His Majesty the King of Norway’s Guard, who are taking part in The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo this year. Sir Nils paraded his way up Penguin Walk, whilst inspecting the soldiers of the Guard.

0The regal, black, white and yellow bird is the mascot of His Majesty the King of Norway’s Guard and in 2008 was awarded a knighthood, an honour approved by King Harald V of Norway.

Nils Olav’s story goes back as far as 1972, when a king penguin at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo was named after two people: Major Nils Egelien, who organised his adoption by RZSS Edinburgh Zoo in 1972, and the then-King of Norway, King Olav. RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has had a long history with penguins and Norway, with the Norwegian family of Christian Salvesen presenting the Zoo with its first king penguins in 1914. Soon after, in 1919, the Zoo had the first successful hatching of a king penguin chick, the first outside of the South Atlantic. Since then, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo has been pioneering the science and care of penguins, and penguins have remained an iconic and integral part of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland ever since.


Duck cheers up dog who was depressed for two years after his best friend died

Jacqui Litton, based in Corryton, Tennessee, has a dog named George.

George has been sad and mopey ever since his best friend, a Labrador called 'Blackie' died in 2014. On the anniversary of Blackie's death, a duck wandered onto the Litton's property. According to Litton, the duck seemed to be trying to comfort sad George.

They had been together for 12 years. George has been heart broken and has grieved with anxiety so bad that he has almost died twice. We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time.


cute pics at the link and a short video
i'd post them but that'd take away from going to the Independent that is reoprting it

Three stupidest things I have read/heard in the last 24 Hours -- Election Edition

1. The DNC staffer that was killed was likely a hit job and probably by HRC - Fox News
2. The myriad of explanations about what Il Douche really meant by 2nd Amendment solutions.
Funny how he means what he says and then when he says something caustically stupid... "He didn't mean that."
3. And this for me takes the cake for stupidity...
In response to the Roger Ailes sick saga at Faux someone responded
'Anything to get Hillary's pay-for-play at the state department off the front page.'
That's the ticket... It's probably Morgan Fairchild that did it all

on edit: Eric Bolling and Monica Crowley said 'hit job'
Yes friends and neighbors Bolling is the stupid one

This Fiasco Will Make 76 seem like a Garden Party

For those not around in 76, the Republican Convention was highly contentious largely because neither Pres Ford, nor Reagan had clinched enough delegates outright to win
There was the typical backbiting and whispering that you'd expect
Reagan's team tried to corner Ford (and alter convention rules) by insisting the convention delegates be able to vote freely on who they preferred, but before they did vote, both men had to declare their choice for VP - Reagan chose a moderate Republican Senator from Pennsylvania Richard Schweiker
It backfired and quite badly as Jesse Helms (yes him) began a movement to draft James Buckley (which failed)

That's pretty much well known.
What is sometimes forgotten are stories like these
While trying to get Republican delegates on board for Ford, some of the undecided (or backers of a different candidate from the primary than either Ford or Reagan) wanted favors; one delegate from NY wanted a federal judge position for his brother. Baker declined and the delegate went into a tirade over the phone
Someone yanked the phone away from the New York delegation and smashed it on the floor which prevented Nelson Rockefeller from being able to communicate with the campaign committee
The floor was crowded and tempers so hot that people didn't stray to far from their state convention area
There was a fist fight between a Ford delegate and a Reagan delegate in the hallway
One Ford delegate broke her leg falling on the stairs, but refused to go to the hospital until the vote was finished for fear the alternate might vote Reagan

The Republicans Should Make This Man Their New Convention Chair

He's close to Cleveland

on edit: If you don't recognize him it's Jerry Springer

A Useful Idea from Facebook for this years election

Was reposted by Being Liberal
We should place rare Pokemons inside of the polling stations on November 8th... that would guarantee good turnout.

Sen Jeff Flake of Arizona must really love his lawn

or it hasn't been tended to in a long while

When asked if he was attending the Republican Convention Sen Flake said, “I have to mow my lawn,”

I can understand. Be at Il Douche's convention or be thousands of miles away.

List of others who will be unavailable
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida.
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte.
Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois.
Former Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico.
Former Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.”

Take heart though... I heard Kid Rock may speak

I also read Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers might as well

Simon Cowell walks off stage with scared puppy on 'Britain's Got More Talent'

In London, talent judge Simon Cowell walked off the stage during a recent episode of "Britain's Got More Talent" with a trembling Dalmatian puppy which had been part of a quiz game offering the four judges a puppy every time they answered a question correctly, reports the Mirror.


Then the puppies began to appear on stage; their owners looking on from the sidelines, but Cowell didn't find the game amusing nor did he wish to further participate. When handled the adorable little cuddly ball of cuteness, the puppy was shivering in fear.

“She’s frightened, this one. They shouldn’t be doing this," Cowell told the crew and the owners watching. "Are they your puppies? Are they being looked after? They’re trembling. You should take them home.”


Not a fan of Simon, but good on him for looking after the dog
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