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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
Number of posts: 21,738

Journal Archives

I make no apologies

Scalia was a f@cking a@@ in life
He demeaned, belittled and robbed people of their rights because he didn't believe in equality
He allowed his opinions to be shaped by his own medieval religious wants
He was such a douche he wouldn't even show up to hear Pope Francis speak because the Pope wasn't going to talk about the evils of gays and abortion, but rather the Pope was going to talk about economic justice and concern for the poor.
IMO he violated he compromised his independence when he went hunting with Elmer Fudd Cheney while hearing a case involving said hunting menace.

I am glad he is gone because he won't be able to do more damage to minorities, working families and unions. At best it'll be a 4-4 split.
Good riddance Scalia.

At his funeral look for the guy in the white tux, tap dancing on his grave

Everyone lies except Ben Carson

Ben Carson is now claiming that his opponents used lies and dirty tricks against him

It's amazing how many liars are near and around him

Sounds paranoid to me

And Now We Have Further Evidence of Cats Taking Over The World

Notice the striking similarities of the two cats
I think not.
We're through the looking glass people

Article for the Independent

O' Malley E-mail

Tonight, I am suspending my campaign for the presidency.

Iowa has been like a second home for me this past year. From college campuses to family farms, I have had the privilege of getting to know Iowans whose passion for our democracy is unmatched.

I want to thank everyone who came out to our events, and lent me their ear. Everyone who went out to caucus for me tonight, and lent me their voice. I give you my deepest gratitude.

Together we all stood up for working people, for new Americans, for the future of the Earth and the safety of our children. We put these issues at the front of our party’s agenda—these are the issues that serve the best interests of our nation.

The road has been long, but our course has been true. A great many people have put their time and talents into my campaign and I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.

Whoever our nominee is, we must all hold strong, together.

You and I, must hold strong for that mom and dad who are working 3 jobs between them and sweating about how they’re going to pay the bills.

We must hold strong for the future of all of America’s children—black and white—for a country with equal justice under the law and equal opportunity for all.

We must hold strong for our senior citizens who have given their all for our country and are left now to choose between food and medicine.

We must hold strong for Latinos and Muslims and everyone defending us against the demagogues.

We must hold strong for the future of Americas cities home of our greatest challenges and greatest opportunities.

We must hold strong to our beliefs. A belief in the dignity of every person. A belief in our own responsibility to advance the common good we share. We all must hold strong to what this country truly is, can be, and should be, and must be.

Thank you for your support,
Martin O’Malley

Hold strong together

I'm Saddened

Nothing more to say other than...
Your effort is appreciated. You made the process more engaging.
Wish O' Malley the best

Don't Wanna Hear It

Don't care about making history or feeling anything or money raised or someone's experience or anything else
Don't care about polls or how much money or from whom it was raised

Only one thing matters and it's if you're in Iowa

Talk up your candidate with friends and co-workers, call people, most important get them and you to where you need to be
Polls and money mean zip if you're not out voting

I implore, beg, cajole everyone at DU in Iowa to get out to their caucus site, give a friend or two a ride if need be.But be part of the action.

Best of Luck to (in alphabetical order) Ms Clinton, Gov O' Malley and Sen Sanders
For everyone at DU in Iowa, may your evening bring you joy and happiness

Google Analytics from Last Republican Debate

Google Analytics data showing that he was the most popular search subject in 91 of Iowa's 99 counties. An examination of the most popular questions searched on Google questions also suggests a few unpleasant truths for them and/or the GOP establishment:

Bush: Is Jeb Bush still in the race?
Carson: What happened to Ben Carson's campaign?
Christie: Is Chris Christie a Democrat?
Cruz: Why was Ted Cruz born in Canada?
Carly Fiorina: What is Carly Fiorina against?
Jim Gilmore: Why is Jim Gilmore still in the race?
Huckabee: Is Mike Huckabee still a Presidential candidate?
Kasich: Is John Kasich a Democrat?
Paul: How tall is Rand Paul?
Rubio: What does Marco Rubio believe in?
Santorum: What was Rick Santorum's childhood like?
Trump: What channel is Donald Trump on?

Cruz's is pure comedy gold. Christie and Kasich... bwahahahaha!!!
Poor Marco. They don't know what he believes in
Poor Jebbie and Suckabee... ppl thought they had stopped running
Sorry if this has been posted before

The reason why some cats look like Adolf Hitler

The causes of the seemingly random colouring of black and white cats has long been a mystery - especially the internet's infamous "Hitler cats". But new scientific research has suggested their unique fur patterns are determined by a faulty gene.

A cat's two-tone or "piebald" fur colour forms when pigment cells fail to follow genetic instructions when they are in the womb, according to the results of a study by researchers at the Universities of Bath and Edinburgh. If there are too few cells to populate the whole of the cat's skin, the result is white patches.

Cats which are largely coloured black but have white faces and chests are sometimes described as "tuxedo cats". Some unfortunate felines have also been named "Hitler cats" or "kitlers" due to markings under their nose which resemble the German dictator's pencil moustache.

It is hoped the research could enhance human understanding of serious medical conditions such as holes in the heart, which are also caused by problems with cell movements in the womb.


An Imam in Istanbul has opened up his mosque as a warm home to the city's stray cats

Mustafa Efe is the Imam at Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque in Istanbul's historic Üsküdar neighbourhood.

Efe is well known in the city for his "good humour and diligence", the Daily Sabah reports - but a video Efe took of a mother cat taking her kittens from the street into the safety of the mosque has given his everyday acts of compassion a global audience.

Efe described the cats as "our mosque’s Friday guests", but he actually lets the city's many strays shelter in the building throughout the winter months.



2nd one has a few different cat pics

Joe Scar says he'd rather set himself on fire than attend debates with Megyn Kelly

Joe don't set such limiting parameters
I'd watch your show if you set yourself on fire.
I'd pay for it

But... I'll allow Ben Vereen as the Leading Man from the stage play Pippin do the talking/singing for me

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