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seabeyond's Journal
seabeyond's Journal
June 1, 2014

our girls and women, even our sons are dying... cause of misogyny

and everywhere i turn and look, i am hearing whining about HOF. as we are looking at a world of mess.

and i say

really dudes and the few dudettes.

both sites. hof this and that. there is a fuggin list pinned on us. (this takes me to an interesting list thread yesterday. it totally confused me. but, i became the target, it seemed. not real clear on that.) sigh. we have a list on us, on another board. a list with our names. AA and women. now, will this post be hidden? because i am talking about us on a list, that is allowed. this is not making sense to me.

i just read a title. girls do not have the right to bare arms in utah. gigglin... ya. that. after i had just got done reading about texas men walking around with guns... intimidating an unarmed marine.... cause he dared to say something. and this groups of cowards with guns.... bullying on the street.

after a week of conversation about a 22? yr old vioce of hate, of women and mass murder.

and when in conversation. talking about all this hate toward women and girls. our death. i hear people talking about hof women being the very worst people ever.

and i say again.


anyone else?

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