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seabeyond's Journal
seabeyond's Journal
April 17, 2015

Populist group/party

so, i did some listening, some learning, and spoke out a bit about the populace party. really. i had not been paying attention.

i was an obama supporter in '08. i do not know who i am going to support in '16. waiting waiting waiting to see who runs. but, i look forward to it. i enjoy when the dems do primary. they are so civil. they are smart. i like listening to them. i like hearing them put the democratic issue forefront, for all of us to be able to have an adult conversation about, out loud.

it just works for me.

and i hope our democratic politicians spend the time to touch with their base, after so long in washington. and maybe they are doing some listening, and learning.

as i have heard many on du state. the populace group/party is very much a part of the whole of our democratic party. the reason i went obama instead of clinton in '08 i thought going after bushco/nsa/ criminality, and wallstreet and corporate greed should be the first step in his presidency.

i knew we had little chance on some of that, listening to him campaign. but i thought i might get more from obama than clinton. otherwise i am fine with both of them.

we each have our roles we are strong in, with our democratic party.

i have other areas. now, a couple months or so ago, i was told the beginnings of my view of the populace. while involved in my issue, ... women/children issues, ... i was hearing social warrior. and i was being told that social warrior takes back seat to the populace. i was (women) being dismissed and told my issues are not the ones that matter.

regardless of what some think, i dont do the drama (politics) of it all. i had some catching up to do when clinton declared. i did that over the last couple days and i better understand the issue with populace, and how it effects us as a whole. cool enough. as my statement clearly says, my priority in all this was the crimes, bush war, wallstreet and corporations.

i wanted a strong anti monopoly.

CLEARLY i am on board with populace. i do worry my beautiful mind over it. i am not a sheep. a blind anything. i am well informed, and have come to my conclusions. you want to respectfully talk about it, i am on board, cause i bet we agree.

i also think the strong majority are right there with me whether they support clinton, obama or warren.

it is vital we deal with what the populace is focused on.

i am not getting into battle over this. i fight for this TOO. daily. in my every day, real life and everywhere else. we are business owner. we are sending two boys to college and beyond.

please, do not make me the enemy. it is insulting.

the past, for me, is information. it is done. it is the past. be informed and you can better walk forward. this is where we are now. look at the issues, come up with a plan. so much of this is pretty simple, our politicians just need to be brave enough, or willing enough to do the simple. same with the issue of populace here on du.

this woman jams for me.

i want to be her, when i grow up. these are our dems. i like them.

April 15, 2015

i really have been out of the political on DU since 2012. got obama, i could step away for a couple

years. and here we are again.

i have always been into the fair play. also, the pragmatic type position. calling out the lies, everywhere, while internally looking at our party and our supporters cause i want us strong, where ever we land.

i found out there is another du. the argument for a third liberal party.... or something.

that is going to be interesting. i just learned about htis yesterday and it is going to effect the way du progresses over the months and year and half. i have to keep this in mind.

but here is the thing. i am a democrat. i do not buy into .... both the parties the same. the democratic party heavily supports my positions. i want more from our democratic party in DC. i may not get it. i love to listen and be a part of actions to get more from our democratic leaders. but, i will wait and see what happens the next year and a half.

the democratic party heavily supports my position.

we make the statement, often scorn and mock... how can so many in the republican party vote against their interest. how stupid are they. pointing our finger and laughing and laughing. (women, we cannot be pres cause of our hormones but we can take care of babies and mold our young humans ... )

as i look at du, there are some people demanding i do just that. ignore my interests. dont vote cause we do not get a certain dem. because we can not get everything we want from a democratic leader, and as too many have been stating to me and others..... our issue are not the ones that matter.

well, yes. they do.

there are all kinds of names we are given. i understand justice warrior or whatever is one. i dunno all that garbage and stuff.

i do not know who i am going to support. we have a year and half. but wow, since clintons announcement what? three days ago?

we are to pointing and saying, .... fan, cheerleader and so many more descriptive, to dismiss anyone that favors clinton for various reasons. i read that clinton supporters were just 'fraid to see the misery, death, horror of war and reality of corporate. well, i challenge that statement. and i am not a supporter, but you can damn well bet, that is a false statement. i am gonna go out on a limb here and ask hillary supporters.... do you see get understand the deaths of war and the greed of corporate? can your little brains process this i say in sarcasm. cause really folks, i have more faith in my fellow dem and know they damn well have an understanding. how belittling. but, that is what the intent it. to belittle. lets not paint our fellow democrats in such a falsehood. it is not true.

we do not need to resort to reducing voters to empty minded/mindless zombies/cowards/fans/cheerleaders ect....

we are dems, all of us. unless we really arent? is this what the third party liberal is, a different party? educate me.

gonna be an interesting season.

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