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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,372

Journal Archives

So I heard tell that Trump had his usual day:

He woke up, took a giant dump, then he got out of bed....

I had some Executive Time myself today. Watched TeeVee, scratched myself, called a couple friends, watched it rain....

Thank God there’s an adult at 1600.

Fuck you Donnie and all your Rethug buddies and I'll tell you why:

In the year 2000, the Gore/Lieberman ticket was prevented from most certainly taking its rightful place in the seat of government because the Supreme Court, in a one-off decision by its own dictum, stopped the counting of votes in a state. We will never be wholly certain as to the true outcome of that election but one thing I will never forget were the signs which converted the words “Gore Lieberman”to “Sore Loserman”. The last time I had seen anything like that was in the 1964 election when “LBJ for the USA” signs were converted to “LBJ for moral decay” signs.

So fuck you with a cactus. You slimy, lying motherfuckers.

Second Pfizer vaccination...

Not being narcissistic...

Just for info: 20 hrs later, 100.5 fever for 6-8 hours. Awakened feeling fine. Not unusual reaction for me.

Since we are talking about Coke and Pepsi...

A number of years ago I treated the president of one of the big bottling companies here in Philadelphia, I’ll leave it to you to guess which one. You have a 50% chance of being correct. I mentioned to him that I saw a brand of water in the store and took a look at the small print and it said it was bottled by his company. So I said to him, so I see you’re in the water business now.

His response was: we have ALWAYS been in the water business. The fact that there’s a squirt of sugary or non-sugary syrup in it is almost irrelevant to the process.

It was an “Aha!” moment for me.

So I have a story for you:

In the mid-1960s, I attended a private school which was known as an artsy and literature-based institution, founded by four male teachers living up in the New Hope, Pennsylvania area. The school was a boarding and day school with the girls’ dormitory separated from the main campus by about a mile. That campus was located on the campus of defunct school for girls and had been converted to dormitories and recreational facilities including a tennis court.

When I first attended the school, jackets and ties were not optional for boys and dresses for girls were mandatory during class time. Discipline was enforced fairly consistently with a system of demerits and detentions for serious offenses or for an accumulation of too many demerits. On the surface, it seemed like a buttoned-down Somewhat conservative institution, but not nearly as staid and rigorous as some of the other more elite private schools in the area.

At that time, I was enrolled in the Latin class which was tight by a British fellow who had degrees from Oxford and Cambridge, was remarkably young for his knowledge base and breadth, and we read many essays and tracts written by ancient Roman authors. One of these essays concerned the desire for ascent to powerful positions for many solely for the access to sex partners or groups. It detailed the intricate hierarchy of the system which provided release as it were to the officials, the wealthy, the business owners, and royalty. What struck me at the time was the accentuation upon the use of very young girls and boys for the escapades of these individuals. I found it a little curious as a post pubescent student that we were reading this in class, but was certainly not complaining since accessing salacious material was my forte in those days.

It turned out, that the teacher was forcing himself upon a number of the female students over the years in which he was at the school, and seducing as many as he could which was a rather easy task given that he had an apartment in the boys dorm and that he was a very glib sociopath . I distinctly remember coming into Latin class in his apartment one day, and one of my classmates was sitting on the sofa, her hair in disarray, her face flushed, and I shall never forget the distinct odor in the room which as a 16-year-old I could not place but certainly know now what that scent is from. As time progressed we began to learn more and more about his and others’ exploits and as a group of guys we used to sit around and say to ourselves and each other what’s the matter? Can’t these guys find a date with someone their own age? They were taking all our candidates and despoiling them. We did not understand that this was a form of sickness and disturbance which is incredibly dangerous for the victim and has lifetime ramifications. We were kids and it was sex and nothing better than that could possibly exist.

Over the years this became a giant scandal which, if you’re interested, you can peruse online by searching for the obvious terms and clues I have provided here. The teacher went on to other schools to perform the same behaviors, and has since been implicated in many dozens of assaults. Of course, he was not alone and the ramifications of all this caused multiple grand jury convening’s, accusations, and unfortunately almost no convictions.

I relate this story because the breadth and length of this particular behavior within society is actually enormous in my humble opinion. I think that we have seen various small tentacles pop up above the surface with an enormous creature hiding underneath. There is no telling how many people have been involved at the highest government levels, and I would posit that peoples evolution within the system is keyed often to the fact that they are connected to this ring of rapists. It would not surprise me in the least to see virtually anyone’s name associated with it, I think that’s in large part what the secret Hoover files contained (The older people here will remember rumors of their existence and their ostensible destruction after Hoover‘s sudden death), and I firmly believe that this type of information, supplied by Putin and others is what Trump used against various members of Congress and the business community. There are only a few things which an individual can do which will cause society to ostracize him or her and even now, in this age of permissiveness, having sex with minors is still considered taboo.

This scandal which has unfolded in the last few days is just A tiny manifestation of the enormous ongoing behavior of a great number of people. While watching people breakdown on the witness stand during the trial of George Floyd’s murderer, I was thinking how collectively upset the general populace would be if there were a sudden release of video, photographs, and testimony involving the hundreds or thousands of people involved in this lascivious and criminal behavior of raping Children and young teenagers. It would have the potential to destroy the very fabric of our political and business system reaching from Washington to every state capital to the board rooms of every major corporation.

In conclusion, I would submit that even if all this material came out, there would of course be tens of millions of Americans who would say that this is an overstatement, that this stuff really doesn’t happen that often, and that most of it is hearsay. However, the vast number of people would be repulsed and revolved by this mammoth dissent into the pit of carnal illegality. During the time of the former guy, it became acceptable that any lie, any denial of objective truth, any statement made no matter how outrageous can be interpreted as true by those who wish to believe it. I will be curious to see how this story evolves and if the Matt Gaetz thread which has been pulled Unravels a significant portion of the garment.

A lesson in dealing with Republicans:

This is how I think about talking to them about anything of substance:

The Philly Inquirer is using this photo of Gaetz:

They make him look like the angry , maniacal, nutcase he is.

A consideration of the George Floyd murder:

Quite honestly, I’ve been harboring this thought for a long time. I was weighing whether to post it or not, and decided finally to throw caution to the winds.

George Floyd was not murdered in the traditional sense of a cop killing a black man. He was horizontally crucified.

One of the reasons people died on the cross when executed by the Romans was that they were unable to breathe properly and after a very long time succumbed to hypoxia. That is what the cop did to this poor man. It enrages me that every week, millions of people go to church and lament the passing of their Savior Jesus Christ who was unmercifully crucified by the Romans and fail to see the similarities in process here. Those of us who possess a moral compass excoriated waterboarding as an interrogation technique because it gave the victim the impression that he or she was going to die by drowning and the thought of doing that to someone was unconscionable. Cutting off someone’s air supply is a horrendous way to torture or kill someone and to take nine minutes to do it is sadistic and Beyond contemptible.

As an aside, I still believe that there was a personal issue between the two here, that the cop knew him from the club at which they both had worked. It can’t just be a coincidence in my opinion and I feel That the lack of public discussion of this fact is very curious.

Did I have a hallucination ?

Did I not hear soon after the death of Mr Floyd that both the cop and the decedent worked as bouncers AT THE SAME NIGHTCLUB???

Am I going nuts, senile, or both at the same time?

So I was watching the CNN documentary of doctors

And switched to watch the end of the Godzilla movie because at least that it is admitted that it’s fantasy. Then I changed back to watch the end of this ridiculous program.

All of a sudden it’s revisionist history time and everybody has an appropriate attack of conscience. You know what, I feel at least 400,000 of these people died unnecessarily and these doctors are complicit in mass murder. They should have all convened a panel and stated that if federal mandates were not enacted, they would resign.

Believe me they could all get jobs elsewhere in a moment. No one was starving to death, no one needed food on the table or the mortgage payment. Their continued employment caused untold suffering and death to say nothing of the eventual cases which will manifest themselves in years to come of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Oh, did I forget to discuss pulmonary issues?

They all stink. To high heaven.
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