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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 18,862

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I'm gonna say by NOT saying that

My theory of what is really going on would have to be in the Creative Speculation forum. None of this is what it seems. There is a backstory here.

We are so used to insanity that we aren’t able to realize or face up to the lies. I’m telling you, this is far beyond the proffered public story.

Yes some of you are dismissive of this but tell me: hasn’t everything that’s happened in the last three-plus years beyond your ability to script? What would make you think we can possibly accept a simple story line?

"Yeah Donny,

the LAST time you told that story it was in the backseat of your car”

I bet he’s been lying since he was four.

Maybe his "friend" who has this Coronavirus

is him.

Like all his fake alter egos...

Sort of like "My friend got this girl pregnant...do you know a good doc who can "take care of this" for me?"

In the great tradition of TRUMP AIRLINES and TRUMP UNIVERSITY



Developed in our secret laboratories located in the sub-basement of TRUMP TOWER, this vaccine is guaranteed to protect you from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Years in the making, the TRUMP VACCINE is not available to just everyone: it is only designated for people of significance and right-thinking at this time. Priced at $1,200,000.00 per Administration, the individual thus vaccinated to quote President Trump, “shall not perish from this Earth”.

(Disclaimer: those who receive the vaccine may suffer symptoms described as follows: loss of taste and smell, sore throat, congestion, high fever, and extreme tiredness. The Covfefe Corporation is “not responsible for anything at all” whatsoever resulting from the administration of the vaccine.)

Watching that Jonathan Karl I now realize

that it’s hopeless:

He stated in no uncertain terms that Trump is listening to the experts but that he says different to his “constituents” and this is good news that he’s listening and acting on the advice of people who know what they’re talking about, even though he is duplicitous as far as the masses go.

Karl is titular head of the press corps and so all this insanity and lying is all ok. It’s normal. It’s not remarkable. It’s not pathological. It’s not fascist. It’s not homicidal. What the actual fuck is it with these so-called reporters? It’s as though they’re a family harboring a serial killer in the House because he’s always been a murderer of small animals and graduated to humans, but you know, this is what he does. No reason to get excited, right?


I posted this in a dental discussion website:

(Dentists are not permitted to practice now in most states except for emergencies involving infection not responding to conventional antibiotics, extreme pain, and bleeding and airway issues. My profession is in a state of shock as most everyone else is. This will be the death knell for many dentists in terms of their businesses and professional offices.
I posted this in a large FB website of dental-industry individuals. )

I do not know if this has been covered here but has it occurred to anyone that since minimal dental procedures are being completed and billable...can you imagine the windfall to the insurance companies who haven’t had to pay a significant number of new claims in weeks now? Since many individual’s health insurance may be maintained, that means that the premium dollars are presently rolling in.

Now some of you will maintain that eventually all this work will be completed at great expense to the companies, the fact is that there are just a finite number of contact hours in any given practice and a six week hiatus, for the sake of argument, will not be “made up” by most smaller practices. Retail practices of course will hire more people and stay open 18 hours a day to produce, with day shift and swing shift in full operation.

There are many catastrophe-capitalists out there. The people charging $100 or more for a bottle of Purell a couple weeks ago are just amateurs. Of course the dental labs and yes, the supply companies are going to also “take it on the chin”. I’ve been in the business since 1979 and am shaking my head in. CombinAtion of disbelief....and yes, belief, because we always knew in the back of our minds that this was a possibility.

Beginning with Jack London’s The Scarlet Plague from 1915, through Stephen King’s The Stand, and of course The Andromeda Strain, Outbreak, and lesser films and TeeVee shows, we have always acknowledged this as a possibility. Well, it has arrived. And it is devastating...and unfortunately, going to get a lot worse. I for one listen carefully to the politicians and the scientists and conclude that it is all Happy Talk, a pablum served to the lay populace. You cannot make any sense of the serial lying from this so-called Administration, it is painful to watch. It’s as though a fair percentage of the people do not believe in the germ/viral theory of disease, and believe that prayer and wishful thinking will be sufficient.

I leave you with one observation: tonight “they” said that if they hadn’t practiced social distancing then two million would have died, so aren’t they doing a fantastic job, reducing it to no more than two hundred thousand so this is terrific news. First of all, this estimate of two hundred thousand is coming from the same people who said that we have fifteen cases which are going to go to zero in no time at all... a “miracle”. Then when it didn’t @exactly” work out that way, they’re complaining that they are being unfairly targeted for criticism.

No miracles here: as someone said: if you’re going to wear the crown of thorns, you have to also carry the Cross. We unfortunately are bearing the burden. And are going to be doing this for a very long time.

I've hit bottom: the nadir

I’m watching Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet . “ Intentional Growling”. “Flea-flicker”, the power for the scoreboard is generated by a hamster on a treadmill, etc. it’s so stupid that it’s riotous. I highly recommend it. The puppies ARE cute!


The next time he craps on a reporter,

Somebody should stand up and say: Who the fuck are you to talk to us like that?

It’s gotta get done

The way he said "Be nice" was exactly the way

Patrick Swayze said it in “Road House” when he was telling the other bouncers how to act.

Must’ve just watched it again...

Now, all we "need" is a natural disaster like

Tornados, earthquake, storms with massive flooding.

All I can think of is Charlton Heston going to Yul Brynner and demanding “Let my people go!” Even Pharaoh surrendered After the death of the First Born but this idiot wouldn’t care even then.

The plague has been visited upon us...I’m not a particularly religious individual but the Bible as teaching and allegory has been instrumental in my life. Perhaps when this is over we will have a new book of the Bible, the Book of Adam (Schiff).
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