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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 07:21 AM
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Can we label threads with political affiliation/location of candidates?

Now that we are finally in an election year, can we try to label the candidates with the name, office, and political party when posting threads? Most people might be knowledgeable regarding all the candidates in all the regions, but I'll bet many of us are not.

For example:

Mark Warner, D-VA, Senate

Jaime Harrison, D-NC, Senate

Denver Riggleman, R-VA05 House

Or "Warner (D-VA) ahead of challenger in Senate race"

This becomes important when posting something like, "Smith takes huge lead!"

Thanks for considering it

Hell has frozen over - my Fox-watching father thinks Trump is "insane."

My father is 92 years old and has been a Long Island Republican for as long as he's lived there (62 years). In Nassau County, it was helpful to be a registered Republican because of the way the county government operated, i.e., if you wanted help, it helped to be a Republican. My father hated Obama - he watches Fox and that changed him from being a reasonable person to being unreasonable.

In any event, he loved Trump. Didn't like Hillary, although "I voted for her the first time" (NY Senate). He gets Trump mail, Trump emails, and still watches Fox and OAN.

Long story short, Dad fell last week and longer story short, I called him from Virginia twice, got no answer, and had his neighbor check on him. He'd been on the floor for over 12 hours, alone. Dad was gravely ill, but he didn't have a stroke. Longer longer story short, he was hospitalized for a week and is in rehab now.

My sister-in-law reported tonight that Dad told her that he changed his party affiliation to Independent. He said there are too many "gutless" people in Washington. And that "Trump is insane."

I'm stunned. I said to my sister-in-law, "Are we SURE he didn't have a stroke?"

I love my Dad. This makes it easier for me to love him unconditionally.

Looking for advice about political contributions (not for Primary Candidates)

I just got a letter from the DNC/Barack Obama asking for a donation. In the past, I have spent money monthly during the election year supporting the Democratic candidate for the House from my district, the Senate from my state, and the presidential candidate (and Democrxatic candidate for Governor in Virginia, which happens on an off year). On occasion, I have sent money to the DCCC or the DNC, but not usually. The DCCC constantly solicits me by phone, the DNC not so much.

I will have enough money to donate to my candidates, and then will have a bit left over. Does it makes sense to provide a donation to the DNC, or should I choose an out-of-state candidate (specifically, Senate races in Kentucky and Maine)?

Thanks for thinking about this and helping me make my decision

While you're making phone calls, don't forget to call your Democratic Senators

and thank them for their efforts and for representing you so well. I'm sure they like to hear that they're being supported, too. I just called my two, Warner and Kaine.

How are our intelligence agencies able to look at possible corruption

or illegal activity in the Executive Branch when Barr is a crooked Attorney General? Does he have the power to stop investigations?

I'm about to blow my lid. Phone calls for Medicare supplemental insurance are driving me insane.

We are getting calls all hours, every day, for my husband by companies selling supplemental insurance. He doesn't need it. For starters, he's just retired, but we will pay for insurance through his company until he's eligible for Medicare, and then I'll continue on it until I am. We get supplemental health insurance through his company (that we will pay for). If I let the phone calls continue, the dogs howl and they call again, two, three, four more times. I know how to block these calls on my cell phone, but not our home phone. Yes, we need a landline because we have spotty cell service here.


I looked online and couldn't find where I can watch Mueller

on TV Wednesday. I have to be away from home and want to record his testimony.


Well, well, well. Imagine this: Not one MLB player was singing the national anthem.

My husband has the game on and during the anthem, they panned all the players and not one was singing.

Why do I think there won't be any outrage?

So you are forced to continue your pregnancy and give birth. What could possibly go wrong?

'Miracle' Newborn Whose Mom Died During Childbirth Will Be Taken Off Life Support, Dad Says


I don’t particularly like the tone of some of the statements in this article, including the father/widower stating he “gave” his now deceased wife four babies, but this is a tragedy. So often people forget that pregnancy and/or childbirth can result in death. She leaves behind her husband and three daughters. An article I read said she was happy to be having her first boy.

Travel insurance?

What's your experience(s) with buying travel insurance? We're taking a trip to Italy which will cost in total about $13,000 and the cost of travel insurance is about $1,200. The trip is at the end of September.

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