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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

Journal Archives

Barr Family Presidential Guard

Swamp creatures strategically placed.

Bill Barr’s daughter Mary Daly is at Financial Crimes Unit (FinCEN) at Treasury.
Mary’s husband Michael Daly works at DOJ in the National Security Division.
Barr daughter Meg (Margaret) is married to Tyler McGaughey, in White House Counsels Office.
Barr daughter Patricia and her husband Pelham Straughn both work on Capital Hill in House Agricultural Committee.

Joy Villa dressed as the wall w/barbed wire & MAGA purse


They look good together


What's going on at Charles Kushner house?

In Long Beach, New Jersey. Could be nothing, maybe just a burglar alarm or something. Two different neighbors reporting police cars, 3-4 black SUVs, road blocked with orange cones.
Nothing from media, NO CONFIRMATION of anything.
The two threads

Maria Butina update

Status hearing pushed back from Feb 12 to Feb 26. “Cooperation not complete”.

Frank Figliuzzi

on MSNBC : I’ve interviewed terrorists more cooperative than Whitaker was today.

Saudis say "back off" Kashoggi murder


McCabe's new book: Trump acting like mob boss, unleashing insanity

The deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, privately complained that he was ordered by president Donald Trump to write the notorious memo justifying the firing of the FBI director James Comey, according to Comey’s former deputy.

Andrew McCabe writes in a new book that Rosenstein, who has publicly defended the memo, lamented that the president had directed him to rationalise Comey’s dismissal, which is now the subject of inquiries into whether Trump obstructed justice.


Transcript of Manafort closed door hearing


Trump: "America's greatest accomplishment, the abolition of civil rights"

Seriously, those were his exact words. Idiot.
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