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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

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Lieutenant James Earle Carter, Jr., USN

It steams the hell out me to hear Willard Prissypants Chickenshit insult President Carter. Willard, who supported the Vietnam War while he did a couple tours in Paris trying to convert the French heathens. Willard whose FIVE sons ALL found military service beneath them. ("They support their country by working on my campaign" Willard, whose entire family going back five generations, have NOT ONE veteran among them. Not the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, none, NADA, zip, not a one. Romney is not a harmless inept baffoon, he is one evil asshole.

Distinguished Naval service of Jimmy Carter.


keeping an eye on Sanford Fla. next few days

Trayvon Martin: Protesters call for civil disobedience, block doors to the Sanford Police Department


Interesting graphic, with image of MLK marching in lens.

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Bachmann's Democratic challengers

The 6th district convention is April 14th in Blaine. So far three DFL candidates have announced they want to battle the dragon.

#1: Brian McGoldrick

"Iím excited to let you know that Brian McGoldrick announced this morning that he is seeking the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) endorsement to run for the U.S. House of Representatives this November, on behalf of Minnesotaís Sixth Congressional District.
We believe that the Sixth District needs representation in Washington that works as hard as its people. Brian McGoldrick isnít afraid of government and doesnít think Americans should be either. He thinks itís time for all of us to believe once again in a government thatís reasonable, fair and optimistic.
You can follow Brian on Twitter and Facebook, and visit our fantastic new website. And, we hope that you will spread the word about our campaign to your network of friends.



Acting Campaign Director

Marine on St. Croix | PO Box 292 | MN | 55047
M: 612/296-6710
E: christopher@brianforcongress.com | T: @Mcfor6th | W: www.brianforcongress.co

#2: Anne Nolan

"Late yesterday, the St. Cloud Times broke the news that Anne Nolan, a long-time DFL activist and former legislative candidate, will announce her intention to seek the DFL endorsement to take on Michele Bachmann in the Sixth District.

Ms. Nolan lives in St. Cloud. She ran against Rep. Jim Knobloch of House District 15A in 2004. Knobloch went on to lose to Michele Bachmann for the GOP nomination for Congress in the Sixth District, and his seat was later won by Steve Gottwalt. More recently, she ran against Rep. Gottwalt in 2010."

#3: Jim Graves

"Graves is chief executive of Graves Global Hospitality, a company with holdings that include the Graves 601 Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Graves, also a political novice, lives outside the district in south Minneapolis. He isnít required to live in the district, but a statement announcing his campaign stressed his St. Cloud roots. Graves was born and raised there, and serves as a trustee at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph. His statement said he had ďcreated hundreds of jobsĒ beginning with his roots as an entrepreneur in St. Cloud. Graves Hospitality Corp., now led by Gravesí son Benjamin, built downtown St. Cloudís Radisson Hotel, renamed Le St-Germain Suite Hotel in February 2011.

Graves plans to announce his plans definitively in early April, spokesman Donald McFarland said."
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