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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

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Romney's invisible people

was reading the posts about how Romney made absolutely no mention of veterans or active service members in his speech. Then I read the piece about the accidental cameo of his domestic help in the "family" video, and Ann saying she doesn't even know the names of her employees. To Romney, the military is like armed domestic help, nothing more. To Romney, the invisible maid in the pantry is no different than the invisible soldier in Afghanistan.

News Outlets Around the World Totally Confused by Clint Eastwood


News Outlets Around the World Totally Confused by Clint Eastwood

Americans on Twitter were not the only ones confused by the bizarre speech made by actor/director Clint Eastwood at the 2012 GOP convention last night: It was the speech heard 'round the world. Eastwood's conversation with a chair, which presumably held an imaginary President Obama, has been featured in many international news outlets. And while the Obama camp is asking the media to refer all questions about the speech to deceased surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí, it might be useful to also look to the global press for an outside perspective.
Here's a roundup of what various non-English outlets have been saying about Eastwood. Translations courtesy of the extensive language skills of Mother Jones' staff and Google. If you see another good clip from a foreign news source, or have a suggestion about a translation below, please send it our way in the comments. We'll update with the best submissions!

(My favorite: "Nonsense from Clint Eastwood, anti-people Hollywood actor, in defense of Mitt Romney, the Right's candidate for the U.S. elections. For friends who know English, if you understand what this guy said, let me know too." LOL)

well that was a fail

THAT was the big hyped up chance to cosy up to women and make Mitt all warm and fuzzy? FAIL.

Bachmann & Cain Teabagger Tampa Rally only draws 1200

and that's with Free Tickets.

Cain, Bachmann applaud strength of tea party


TAMPA, Fla. — Defeated Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain told a Tea Party Unity rally here Sunday night that the conservative movement they championed in the primary election season has lost none of its power and will be fully engaged in the fall campaign to defeat President Obama.

Bachmann told the rally of about 1,200 tea party activists gathered at the River Church that they had “already won” by forcing the Republican Party to adhere closely to the activists’ goals of small government and reduced taxes.
In the lobby of the church, several groups handed out literature and hawked conservative-themed merchandise. The most eye-catching of the works was by painter Jon McNaughton. It showed a shadowy Obama figure holding copy of the Constitution, set aflame. In the flames the word "obey" appears and, in the crumpled document, one can discern a hammer and sickle -- symbol of the old Communist Soviet Union.

The print, a part of McNaughton's "Nation Under Socialism" series -- sold for $69. The artist's work comes highly praised in the eyes of the tea party crowd -- recommended by Sean Hannity and mocked by Stephen Colbert.

(was gonna post the image, but won't bother. Imagine a Mormon fundy Thomas Kincade on acid)

Wayne Powell double dares Cantor

Cantor pees his pants and runs for his momma.....

Wayne Powell Calls on Eric Cantor to Explain Association with Embroiled Senate Candidate Todd Akin

Richmond, VA - August 22, 2012

Wayne Powell, Congressional candidate in Virginia's 7th District, today called on his opponent, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, to explain his co-sponsorship of 32 abortion bills with Rep. Todd Akin and to denounce his candidacy for the U.S Senate seat in Missouri. Akin told a St. Louis news station on Sunday that "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy, saying, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."
"Cantor's and Akin's abortion votes clearly show they are a mirror image of each other," said Powell. "The only difference is Akin talked about his."
Cantor, whose PAC has provided money to Akin in the past, has been a driving force behind Akin's abortion-related bills. This includes HR 3, a bill that he co-sponsored with Akin, which initially banned taxpayer funding for abortions with a rape exception, but only for "forcible rape."
"While prominent Republicans across America have chastised Akin, Cantor has been completely silent on Akin's totally ignorant claim," Powell said. "The reason he's been quiet is simple. Cantor and Akin are joined at the hip on the issue. They co-sponsored 32 different bills attacking the individual rights of women."


sweetest ad for "Freedom to Marry" running in Minnesota

will be on the ballot this fall. Minnesota has this spot on TV alot and it's so sweet, I never tire of it. Very effective. Well done


Eric Cantor/Wayne Powell Debate Sept 28

If it's not covered on C-span or the web. please, please, Virginia residents please promise to live blog for us. Please.


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-7th, will debate Democratic challenger Wayne Powell on Friday, Sept. 28.
Cantor declined to debate Democratic challenger Rick Waugh in 2010. The debate it will be held at a business in the 7th District, according to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, which is sponsoring the event.
The candidates will "address issues important to the business community with a direct focus on jobs and the path to economic recovery," said a news release issued by the Virginia Chamber.

what kind of boat is this?

(I live in Minnesota, land of 16 ft fishing boats and a gazillion lakes, never seen anything like this. Ann looks a bit grumpy, still thinking about tax interviews maybe)

Tagg Romney‏@tromney
Gotta love this shot of Mom and Dad on Lake Winni at sunset tonight.


Romneys temper

We need to get more of these on photos and video! Sooner or later, he's going to lose it again and we will be watching


1. Facing a "disorderly conduct" arrest. (imagine a red faced, irate, handcuffed Romney in a bathing suit, THAT photo would be priceless! But just the fact that a grown Mitt was handcuffed is weird enough)

2. Tangling with a traffic cop at the Olympics (witness says he chewed out the guy "who the FUCK are you and what the FUCK are you doing at the Olympics"

5. In 2007 radio show, during commercial break. This time on video.

"No more taxes will be released"



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