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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

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Odious odor emitted by Michelle Bachmann, could it be...The Stench?

desperate begging email sent to supporters.

Only one way to de-stinkify this funk.

Romney's Profit from Bain's Buyouts: Up to $20,000 Per Laid-off Worker

Romney's Profit from Bain's Buyouts: Up to $20,000 Per Laid-off Worker

"Romney himself profited handsomely from his time running Bain Capital. Although the exact details of his personal finances are not available, news reports estimate his net worth at somewhere between $190 and $250 million, much of it derived from his Bain Capital days. Very rough math might suggest that Romney made as much as $20,000 per job lost."


Michele Bachmann's Seat in Peril As House Race Tightens


Sept. 26, 2012

Michele Bachmann Goes From Presidential Primaries to Reelection Dogfight

Michele Bachmann's Seat in Peril As House Race Tightens

It's all added up to a closer race than anyone could have expected. In recent weeks, the Rothenberg Political Report shifted their characterization from "Safe Republican" to "Republican Favored."

But even with her opponent appearing to gain momentum, Bachmann will take comfort in the electorate's new demographics.

Redistricting done this year pushed urban areas east of St. Paul, with their Democratic-leaning voters, off Bachmann's map, while adding to the western suburbs where Republicans traditionally score big, boosting the incumbent's built-in advantages. Graves, meanwhile, is banking on big support from hometown St. Cloud, the district's largest city, and the estimated 27,000 college students eligible to vote in November. <more>

Bachmann is standing on the edge, only needs a gust of wind. Donate to Graves!!

Tagg Romney blocks hospice from being built


Tagg Romney blocks hospice from being built

When the town of Belmont, Mass., needed money, it put a parcel of land up for sale to raise funds. Integra Medical Properties approached the town's Board of Selectmen, seeking to purchase the land to build a residential-style hospice facility. Tagg Romney left his father's campaign in August to head to Belmont and implore the board to prevent the facility from being built.

In the video, Tagg Romney expresses concern for property values if non-residential properties are allowed to be built and suggests that he and other residents may be forced to seek property relief if the property values on their houses decline.

What Tagg Romney only briefly mentions is that he also bid on the land when it first went up for sale. That time, he wasn't so opposed to non-residential buildings, as he and others were hoping to build a Mormon Temple. But other residents objected and Mitt Romney spoke up in favor of the plan.

In the case of the Romneys, it appears that when a religious facility for your faith goes up in the neighborhood, it's a win. But when a facility that benefits others is to be built, it's a drain on property values. Tagg's ultimate motivation for fighting the hospice proposal remains unknown; whether it was a sudden change of heart on the question of non-residential usage of the land or just plain spite – even when the losers in this equation are terminal patients who want to die in peace.

Bachmann an embarrassment: says former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson (R)


Governor Arne Carlson

Friday, September 21, 2012

Michele Bachmann…. A Lady in Decline

Michele Bachmann’s recent assaults against the Muslims and again suggesting that President Obama is sympathetic to Islamic extremism reminds me of the desperation of Senator Joseph McCarthy in his declining months.

Like McCarthy, Bachmann was once at the center of the new Republican Right with her attacks on the President’s loyalty and questioning his commitment to standing up against the “enemy.” Both McCarthy and Bachmann were able to define their Presidential targets as “sympathizers” and “appeasers”.

And, like McCarthy, she has found herself in decline and outside her party’s power structure.

The early Iowa primary campaign was her high water mark. While lashing out against the patriotism of Obama, she was proclaiming the virtues of her Iowa upbringing and pledging her undying loyalty to our neighbors south of us.

Who Was at Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser?

(good piece for further research, I was curious who was there after seeing LO's excellent rant last night on "The Last Word".)


Who Was at Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser?

So who else was on hand for Romney's "off the cuff" remarks at Leder's spread on May 17? According to the TC Palm, 150 people attended the $50,000-per-plate event. The guest list hasn't been made public, but some possible attendees can be picked out of campaign finance records.

A search for Florida-based donors brings up more than 30 people who gave $50,000 to the Romney Victory PAC between May 1 and May 17:
(list is at link)

Door knockers for Graves needed for Saturday

DEFEAT BACHMANN! Here's your chance to help!


Jim Graves for Congress

After a summer of hard work, Jim is surging in the polls, and is now within 2 points. The eyes of the nation are on the race for the 6th District, and thanks to supporters like you, we’ve put Jim in a position to win in November. The fight is in YOUR hands and Jim needs your help! We’ve set a goal to knock on 10,000 doors this Saturday alone.

Here are the details:

Jim Graves Day of Action!
September 22

Contact if you can help!

Delano Door Knock: 10AM-2PM
Contact: Steve Olson, steve@jimgraves.com, 507-304-5187

St. Cloud Phone Bank: 10AM-6PM
Contact: Danielle McGrath, danielle@jimgraves.com, 320-224-2242

St. Cloud Door Knock: 10AM-4PM
Contact: Kirsten Wiant, kirsten@jimgraves.com, 320-282-9054

Blaine Door Knock: 10AM-2PM
Contact: Krister Karlsson, kkarlsson@dfl.org, 651-319-2414

Anoka Door Knock: 10AM-2PM
Contact: Ben Ambroz, bena@jimgraves.com, 218-851-7636

Buffalo Door Knock: 10AM-2PM
Contact: Alex Casey, acasey@dfl.org, 320-250-3685

Lino Lakes Door Knock: 11AM-3PM
Contact: Jordan Hayton, jordan@jimgraves.com, 651-329-1581

Anoka Phone Bank: 10AM-6PM
Contact: Josh Vincent, josh@jimgraves.com, 612-508-5521

#missing2min on Twitter (funny)

(Re: Romney's Boca 47% speech missing 2 minutes)


"Imagine if William Shatner had been cast as Cliff Huxtable. I think it might sound something like this..." #missing2min

The real problem with this incredibly damaging video is that there's not enough of it." #missing2min

#missing2min: 10 yrs of taxes, specific jobs plan, comprehensive Middle East peace plan, thanking troops, & 2 black folk there VOLUNTARILY

"This is my pug, uh, dressed as Magellan, on a voyage. This next slide, my pug - on the Titanic. Another slide, another pug, #missing2min

Romney demonstrates Tuvan throat singing #missing2min

#missing2min a waiter appears to be expecting a tip of some kind. everyone goes quiet and stares at their food until he goes away

Reminds everyone that he almost lost to Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. #missing2min

"What I really need are some new laws to disenfranchise Black, Hispanic, old, poor and student voters. Ideas?" #missing2min

Declares "The Phantom Menance" to be "probably the best of all the Star Trek films." #missing2min

"Just rattle your jewelry if you agree." #missing2min

The much fabled but never witnessed Romney Moonwalk. #Missing2Min

Shows power point presentation on his tax returns #missing2min

Performs jazz flute solo #missing2min”/and fancy pageant walking

Maybe the #missing2min is tender tale of the time they went to one of the #sexparties.

MoJo now has entire transcript up


Below is a complete transcript, produced by Mother Jones, of the entire unedited Romney videos that we published on Tuesday.

"If this is what Romney does wide awake, imagine at 3 A.M."

"Yeah, don't pick up the phone"
Heard just now on CNN Alex Wagner.
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