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Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
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Trayvon wanted to become a pilot or aircraft engineer

Before Trayvon Martinís untimely death, the Miami, FL teen expressed interest in Aviation. Martin, an 11th grade student at Dr. Crop High School in Miami, had goals of higher education after high school.

Martinís two top choices for college were Florida A&M and the University of Miami where planned to seriously pursue his dream occupation. Martinís Facebook account even lists aviation as his interests.

Martinís favorite subject was mathematics, according to his mother Sybrina Fulton.

Trayvon's earbuds

I am confused about the earbuds. Rachel said Trayvon had them on and was talking with her using the the earbuds. Today I saw a photo of Trayvon, a head close up taken at the scene, shortly after pronounced dead, the Ambu bag used for attempted resuscitation is still visible. Also visible next to his head, are his earbuds. (I won't post the photo, it's disturbing)
I know kids, and how protective they are of their phones and accessories. If Trayvon intended to fight Zimmerman, he would have removed his earbuds from his ears, and put them in his pocket. The earbuds were later found by officers who put them in Trayvon's pocket, but the photo is evidence that they were originally found next to his head. I think the earbuds show Trayvon was the one taken by surprise. Not sure where the phone was found, perhaps ripped from the earbuds.


Serino to Zimmerman: "he wasn't a F****** punk"

https://www.txantimedia.com/?p=1079 Serino Interviews Tape 3.

Serino: OK, so you basically jumped out of the car to see where he was going?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK. Thatís not fear. You know what I mean?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: Thatís one of the problems I have with the whole thing, or Iím gonna have. I mean, I donít have any problems at all, itís just thatÖ itís gonna be a problem
(plays tape 2:14 to 2:17)
Singleton: It sounds like youíre running right there.
Zimmerman: I wasnít running.
Singleton: Oh (unintelligible)
(plays tape 2:16 to 2:17)
Serino: What is that youíre whispering? Fucking what?
Zimmerman: Punks.
Serino: Fucking punks. He wasnít a fucking punk. (clears throat)
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