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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
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Bush and Cheneys VA

Interesting article from 2009, found it while looking to see if increased VA hospital funding was part of Bushco's war plans. Hell no.


Bush’s Record on VA Funding

For his part, Bush stacked the VA with political cronies, such as former Republican National Committee chairman Jim Nicholson, who as VA Secretary defended a budget measure that sought major cuts in staffing for healthcare and at the Board of Veterans Appeals; slashed funding for nursing home care; and blocked four legislative measures aimed at streamlining the backlog of veterans benefits claims.

Of the 84,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by VA, only half, about 42,000, had their disability claim approved by VA. Instead of expediting PTSD claims, Bush's political appointees at VA actively fought against mental health claims.

Bush's appointees also obstructed scientific research into the causes of Gulf War illnesses dating back 18 years to Operation Desert Storm and opposed medical research on treatment for 210,000 of those veterans.

As for funding, Bush proposed a 0.5 percent budget increase for the VA for fiscal year 2006, which amounted to a “cruel mockery” of Bush’s promises to do everything to support veterans and soldiers, Rep. Lane Evans, D-Illinois, said at the time.

A maritime send off for Jim Oberstar

As funeral services began today in Maryland for former Minnesota congressman James Oberstar, a maritime tribute played out in Duluth this morning when the laker, “James L. Oberstar” , approached the lift bridge in the city Oberstar served in Congress.

The ship sounded its tribute to Oberstar and, as is custom, the operator of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge replied. (At the link there is audio of ships tribute)


(Takk For Alt, Jim)
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