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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

Journal Archives

Klobuchar wants to release names of Senate harrassment payoffs

But Shelby is the holdout. Put pressure on him to release the names. I suspect some BIG Republican names are in the data. Shelby is covering for someone. Tim Kaine requested the list of names but was told it was already released to Senate Rules & Administration, Shelby’s Committee.

Nathan Bedford Forrest statue coming down in Memphis LIVE


Well no longer live. Within hours after decision, they are in process of taking it down.

GOP vultures already declaring for Frankens seat

Exactly Bannons plan, to target safe blue seats.


Need a smile? Obama giggling


More email details from Politico

They’ve had them since summer, Trumps lawyers became aware this week.
The part about Mueller getting them when GSA lawyer was in hospital, is very interesting.


Farenthold questioning Rosenstien now

Why is that jackass still in his office after taxpayers foot the bill for his harassment settlements?

Ms. Smith goes to Washington. Frankens replacement.

Looks like Gov. Dayton will be announcing Lt. Gov. Tina Smith As Franken replacement. Been trying to learn more about her. Former VP of Planned Parenthood Minnesota a good sign.


Link to watch GovDayton presser tomorrow re: Franken replacement


Some ballot confusion in Alabama

They have the “straight party” option at top, people don’t know if it overrides a vote for Jones.


Former Gov. Carlson of Minnesota (Republican) says Franken should stay

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