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Member since: Fri Feb 27, 2004, 11:29 PM
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It is interesting how art imitates life. Sanders Vs. Clinton

There is an old musical by Stephan Sondheim called "Anyone can Whistle". The plot is pretty complex, but the basic plot is about a nurse and a doctor fighting to save their town from a corrupt government. They are fighting for their town just like Bernie Sanders is fighting for our country.


There are two songs I think of whenever I get down about the primary, There Won't be Trumpets and Everybody says don't.

In "There won't be Trumpets" Nurse Fay Apple tells the corrupt officials what we all want to tell them. Pay special attention to the proceeding monologue.

In her monologue Nurse Apple says:
Now, why do I want my Cookies to take your waters? I'll tell you why. Because my Cookies are people, Schub. They are human beings and they are to be treated as such and have the same rights as everyone else! So you both can bloody well let them dip into that leaking drainpipe. If you don't I'm not saying I'll go to the police because I'm no fool, nor will I go to the Mayoress because she is. But this is a free town in a free county in a free state in a free country and I am a free woman with a free mouth and if you say no to my Cookies, I will open up that mouth and talk and I am telling you here and now that when I talk, I talk LONG - AND - LOUD!!!

When I feel like nothing is going to change I think about the the song "Everybody Says Don't" from the same musical. It reminds me that if I feel something needs to change I need to fight no matter the circumstances.

"I say try, I say laugh at the kings or they will make you cry. Lose your poise, fall if you have to, but lady make a noise. Everybody says don't, everybody says can't, wait around for miracles. I insist on miracles if you do them, miracles nothing to them, I say don't, don't be afraid!"
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