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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
June 30, 2014

Cheney has been hammering PBO the entire time he has been POTUS

Hopefully, the more he and other Iraq War architects open their mouths, the more they discredit themselves. One can only hope, anyway.

June 30, 2014

There should be no "hatred" among allies with common goals IMHO

We all want to see progressive policies become enacted into law and see Republicans far away from the WH (and Congress). To that end, the only rational alternative is voting for Democrats en masse for WH and Congress and if Hillary runs, she will more likely than not be the nominee. I just don't really see any other Democrat (at least not now) challenging her for the nomination if she announces. I see where some people are coming from who have issues with a HRC candidacy and/or her "inevitablity" (and I would like to see what my alternative choices are- if any- before just settling on HRC should she run as well) but it seems that some people are going a bit overboard by acting like she is anything comparable to Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, or Dick Cheney and that she will get us into multiple 100-year wars or is going to be nothing more than a sop for Wall Street.

June 30, 2014

I feel much the same way

I thought that maybe things would cool off after the 2012 elections but I was obviously mistaken (I never took the GOP's "rebranding" effort seriously). If Hillary runs and get elected, the Republican hate machine will still be cranked up to go after her 24-7-365 and will treat her much like they have Barack Obama- except it will be misogny, not racism. I guess that I like to think that- at some point- the public and maybe even the M$M will tell the Republicans to put up or shut up. My ultimate hope is that, until the Republicans return to some modicum of sanity, that they get reduced electorally to a fringe minority in Congress- where they can carp and complain but can't throw any sands in the gears and prevent things from moving forward anymore. Hopefully, the public will wise up to the point where they vote to shut the Republicans out election after election until they straighten up.

June 28, 2014

What kind of life

Does somebody NOT have to have in order to spend your time worrying about a stranger's reproductive life- based on their concern over a fetus? There are so many born children and people in need of help and many of these so-called "pro-lifers" are actually trying to make it harder for them to get various forms of assistance.

June 27, 2014

So, let me get this straight

Republicans engage in massive obstructionism for 5+ years- they relentlessly block UP-OR-DOWN VOTES on nearly every piece of legislation and nominee- that ensures that nothing much gets done and then they have the chutzpah to file a lawsuit over the lawful use of executive orders and executive decision-making? Congressional Republicans really are lost at this point. A much better use of their time would be to actually try to get stuff done but they won't. A lawsuit is also dumb just because the Constitution already has a procedure for Congress to reign in a supposedly law-breaking POTUS and it's called "impeachment", which the Republicans don't apparently have the balls to try even though many of them like to fantasize about it in public and claim that they would do it only if they could think of some "high crime and misdemeanor" to charge President Obama with. Yet, they are filing a lawsuit that claims that he is trampling the Constitution but Boehner doesn't even have an example to cite and I don't have a clue as to what he is trying to accomplish with the lawsuit. It's all just bats**t insane crazy with the GOP now.

BTW I am not advocating impeachment, just pointing out that it is really the more appropriate "tool" for Congress to deal with POTUS.

June 27, 2014

Not to mention all of the "civil service" employees Bushco left behind

Military service members do tend to skew "conservative" but they do still tend to follow orders regardless of political ideology. Would like to see them kick Rush off of Armed Forces Radio though. The Repubs have created a dynamic that leaves them essentially in control of Congress. Their ability to control the Senate confirmation process has largely been neutered but they can still prevent legislation from being debated, let along come to a final vote. I would like to see the Repubs reduced to the size where they have lost procedural, as well as numerical control of Congress and are left being able to wail and gnash their teeth. I was hoping that President Obama would have a little longer to push more initiatives through Congress but modern Democratic Presidents seem to get 2 years to get anything done and then Republicans get control and obstruct. We have the opportunity to launch a major revolution in the Senate in 2016 where the GOP will be defending 20+ seats and we could conceivably rectify many of the 2010 "mistakes" and win a Senate supermajority and, maybe even win back the House.

June 27, 2014

It seriously kills me

the lengths that "religious" organizations go to make sure that their views get preferential/protected status so that they can keep on hating on people they don't like. I mean, does anybody else have the time and energy to really worry about what other people doing and who they're having relationships with off the clock? What business is it of theirs anyway? When somebody is hired for a job, they're not signing their right to have a private life away, are they?

June 26, 2014

DU is just a discussion board that doesn't adequately reflect the party

Most Democrats I know in real life are pretty excited about Hillary possibly running in 2016. The amount of Hillary hate that seems to be getting posted here lately- for some reason or another- seems excessive. I have a few issues with her- like I did with Obama when he was running- but it's challenging to think of a stronger Democratic challenger at the moment for 2016. My biggest worry is actually that she might not run, which is why I hope she announces her decision soon so alternative challengers can start getting prepared for 2016 if she doesn't run herself.

June 23, 2014

Until PBO somehow goes beyond Bush in terms of his actions

Republicans need to STFU about impeachment of PBO.

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