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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
July 31, 2014

You would cry too

If it happened to you

July 31, 2014

This is America, dude(tte)!

We don't sue and/or impeach Presidents for starting misbegotten wars in which thousands of American soldiers are killed and maimed, countless foreign civilians are killed or maimed, our prisoners are tortured (just like they were in the regime that we swore we had to replace partly because of it), and almost all of the reasons that we went to war proved to be totally WRONG!

Oh hells no!

Here, we sue and/or impeach Presidents for lying under oath about consensual adult sexual relationships in a matter that had absolutely nothing to do with official conduct or disagreements over how a health reform law mandate gets implemented.


Because, this is America and a lot of voters are letting Republicans run amok and trashing our government because they're a bunch of whiny sore losers.


July 30, 2014

Which is pretty much just as dumb

if not dumber- esp. for a party that loves to call for "tort reform" and an end to frivolous lawsuits.

July 30, 2014

Control of the Senate is irrelevant

Even under the rosiest circumstances, they will lack the votes to convict. I wouldn't put it past them to impeach him anyway- to leave a "stain" on his Presidency and put the next Democratic candidate under a cloud ("Don't trust Democrats for the WH because we just impeached two of 'em over their abuses of power!&quot

July 30, 2014

I do wonder what they are seeking ultimately

I would guess that they would seek to have the employer mandate implemented faster (which they believe will destroy ACA), but it might already (probably will) be implemented by the time their lawsuit gets heard (assuming it gets heard and not dismissed). But, so what if the employer mandate gets implemented? It was going to be implemented at some point, so..............

July 30, 2014


not buying any "reassurances" from Boehner. Since 2011, Boehner has eventually caved to Tea Party members over the debt ceiling, 50 votes on repealing ACA, and even a government shutdown. He and the rest of the party of accused President Obama of lawlessness and tyranny, several members (as you noted) have discussed impeachment and at least hinted they might support it, and the House just approved Boehner's frivolous lawsuit against President Obama. Why would anybody believe Boehner, et. al when they say that they will not start trying to actually impeach President Obama over........something at some point? Not to mention the fact that now that Boehner has supposedly taken impeachment of President Obama off the table, I'm sure that the teabaggers will now start pressing harder for Boehner and other Republicans to take up the charge to impeach President Obama until they finally get a vote. I happen to believe that it WILL happen as long as the Republicans hold the House. I'm sure they know that it is a futile gesture since the Senate, even in the rosiest of circumstances next year will lack the 67 votes to convict but I'm sure that they still want to stick it to President Obama and be happy to see him leave office with a "stain" on his record (whether justified or not) just because they can.

July 28, 2014

Doesn't she get plenty of free coverage for her every excited uttarance?

And it's not like the so-called "lamestream media" even calls her out on anything ever.

July 28, 2014


Sarah Palin was the first person to come right out and say it but various Republican members of Congress have brought up the subject periodically since he was elected and Boehner obviously felt like he had to do........something, so he came up with his looney lawsuit idea over the ACA employer mandate delay (of all things) to try to satisfy the teabaggers (hint: it won't). But, yeah, it's sooooooo obvious that the Democrats are for impeaching him but have maniacally figured out a way to blame Republicans for it. Ummm.....yeah. Sure. Whatever.

Oh yeah, and 60% of Republicans want to impeach President Obama for........something, so obviously, Sarah Palin speaks for them.

July 28, 2014

I want to try to be "open minded" and listen to opposing viewpoints

but how can I when the "opposing viewpoints" are so vile and venomous towards anybody like myself and claim (essentially) that we:

1. Want to kill granny (and the economy) with health care reform
2. Want to force Americans into Michelle Obama's healthy eating programs
3. Want to use the "hoax" of climate change to call for regulations that will surely cripple and strangle American business and, ultimately, the economy
4. Want to force people to renounce heterosexual marriages and gay marry under the guise of "equality" and "tolerance"
5. Want to take people's money for no reason other than to give it all to a bunch of big-government "takers" whom want to suck at government's teat for their whole lives
6. Want to allow the wanton killing of babies so that women (s***s) can keep partying and won't be tied down with a kid to be responsible for

Among other things............

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