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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
October 31, 2016


is it with the massive amnesia about the Republican record on "security"? Without even going into non-terrorism-related security issues (i.e. Job security), Republicans always try to snowball people into forgetting being asleep at the wheel on 9/11/01, which cost 3000 people their lives (they never did capture the mastermind behind it either) and the Iraq invasion/occupation, which unleashed the holy hell of ISIS, cost Americans another 4000+ lives and numerous additional casualties. Oh, and there were several embassy attacks and fatalities on their watch too between 2001-2009. How this continues to be a "positive issue" FOR Republicans remain a complete and utter mystery.

October 27, 2016

What the hell

do they think a vote for somebody means? If they vote for Trump over anybody else (or not voting), they ARE endorsing him.

They can *say* that they are voting for him simply because Hillary is worse but they are basically saying that they would rather vote for a creepy old pervert who lacks the temperament to be POTUS than a well-qualified and sane lifelong public servant.

October 21, 2016

Yup. It's very infuriating

They may not (probably won't) get their Trump puppet into the WH, but they may cling on to the Senate and hold the House (courtesy of the Koch Bros.) so that they can at least obstruct and frustrate Hillary Clinton. If they hold on to the House and Senate, I predict they'll claim a mandate to help pick the next SCOTUS Justice and make pretty much anybody she nominates (if Garland is not already confirmed) unacceptable to confirm. Which is why it is imperative that we at least capture the Senate.

October 19, 2016

I can't wait

to hear him unload all of the stuff about Republicans I'm sure he has been repressing for the past 8 years.

October 17, 2016

They have moved the goalposts

now that it appears that Hillary is all but certain to win. Now, they feel that the American public should decide who replaces Scalia............in 2020

WTF is it about Scalia that they admire so damned much? They can't handle the fact that he couldn't manage to hang on until another Republican gets elected? Well, too f***ing bad for them! Bush "won" in 2000 and 2004 and got to fill two vacancies and as much as I hated him and as much as I'm sure most Democrats disliked him, we all NEVER ONCE questioned his constitutional ability as President to nominate new Justices to replace the retired/deceased Justices. The thing that is even more galling about this whole affair is that Republicans have been sitting on their hands SINCE FEBRUARY so as to deprive President Obama, who was duly elected (twice), of his ability to fill the vacancy despite having nearly a year left in his term. Garland could have easily been confirmed by now if the GOP Senate had not been playing these stupid games!

October 6, 2016

Is there *anything* Trump can do at this point

to make the race competitive again? Is there anything Clinton could do that would make this competitive again? GOTV is going to make or break the election, of course, but right now, it seems like Clinton is starting to run away with the election. Trump seems like a walking dumpster fire.

October 6, 2016


unless you just happen to believe that nothing *should* get done in Washington DC but then again, if you don't think anything should get done, then what is the point of having Congress? They might as well just pack it in and go home if the public really wants nothing done.

Funnily enough, I didn't hear a whole lot of complaining from independents or right-wingers when Bush had an ultra-Republican Congress rubberstamping his agenda/policies for 6/8 of his (P)residency. When I hear stuff like this, what it means to me is that the people spouting are usually right-wingers/right-leaning "independents" who want a President who won't will blow up the world (i.e. Trump) but they also don't want DEMOCRATS to do anything like, you know, help people get access to healthcare coverage or any of those hippy-dippy "liberal" things. They also have a "rosy" view of bipartisanship and how likely it is to happen on the Republican side (which I hope nobody still actually harbors illusions about after 8 years of rampant obstructionism by the GOP of President Obama)

October 4, 2016

Every time

The Democrats are in charge, the GOP yells and screams about the debt/deficit and demands cuts to existing programs and fights against new ones but they have no problems with spending trillions on the military and running up the debt/deficits when they are in charge. It's all so predictable (and tiresome).

October 2, 2016

For anybody

Who thinks that a Trump Presidency wouldn't be a big deal because even a Republican Congress would eventually throw him out (ha ha), they obviously haven't considered that a Pence Presidency would NOT be any kind of improvement.

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