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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
December 30, 2016

Some of them obviously hate President Obama

more than they hate Russia. And hey, Russian meddling helped get their guy in the WH, so who cares, right?

December 30, 2016


Must be such a miserable existence going through life hating people for some reason or another. I don't honestly know how those people live with themselves. What really upsets me is when you have politicians and activists seeming fighting for the "right" to hate/discriminate against people. It's one thing to sort of "passively hate" some people (which I don't get either) but it's another to literally go out of your way to publicly advocate discrimination and whipping up fear and hatred of other people, whether it be introducing "Religious freedom" bills or anti-Transgender (women mostly) "Bathroom Bills", or pushing humiliating procedures for assistance programs like drug testing.

December 29, 2016

A cup of unity right now would be nice

I think that once the new Congress starts next week and especially when Trump is inaugurated in less a month, you will see start seeing some real unity/opposition to Trump. Right now, we're in a transition period with little to do than "navel gaze" and pick up the pieces from November. When s**t gets real next month, I think that it will be "game on" (at least I hope....)

December 29, 2016

His supporters are also latching onto these news stories

and using it to further cement their love for their "God Emperor" (never mind all of the jobs created in this country since 2009 under President Obama, whose policies at least had some positive effects on job growth/creation). It's maddeningly stupid and sickening that Trump is claiming credit for these scattered jobs stories. News outlets should at least, you know, do some basic fact-checking before posting their stories. At least, do some cursory checking to figure out if Trump indeed was responsible for the jobs instead of just allowing him to wildly claim credit for things that he can't possibly be responsible for.

December 28, 2016

The outcome of this last election has been hard on all of us

However, I'm still ready and willing to fight, perhaps even moreso than ever. I still see a lot of pessimism/defeatism here and other Democratic/left-wing forums/blogs, but I'd like to believe that we'll all get our collective s**t together as soon as the new Congress starts next week and especially when Trump takes the oath of office later next month. As bad or bleak as things look right now, a lot of us have been there before with George W. Bush and I remember how bad everything looked when he got (re-)elected in 2004 but we won a huge victory over Social Security despite being totally outnumbered/outgunned and then we won Congress and the Presidency back 2-4 years later. There's no reason to believe that Trump will be a successful President, nor that the Republicans will be able to just waltz in and dismantle the entire social safety net without any resistance, especially if we fight them on the ground and get our Congressmen and Senators to do what they can to fight them.

December 27, 2016

Many Trans people I know (and I am one)

Are terrified about what's going to happen under Trump. My guess is that "Emma" doesn't want any of those things to happen to her either but is oblivious to the fact that whatever Trump said or didn't say about LGBTQ persons during the campaign, he won't have our backs when Congress and statehouses go after LGBTQ persons. Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama, definitely would have.

December 27, 2016

It seems to me

that there are a LOT of people whom need some basic remediation in terms of civics and how government is supposed to work. Can we get some people to get out there and do some more Schoolhouse Rocks videos about how government works, bills become laws, etc?

December 27, 2016

The question WE should be asking

is what WE are doing too? We can't lay it all on them either. Opposition to Trump has to be at all levels.

December 27, 2016

The problem with people like "Emma"

is that they genuinely seem to believe one of two things:

1. They are part of a privileged few whom have gotten to a good place in their life, financially, socially, etc. and think that they'll weather whatever storms come their way, no matter who is in charge or no matter what the consequences.

2. They believe that Trump is possibly an "ok" person because he didn't spend a bunch of time explicitly ranting about LGBTQ persons during the campaign and are oblivious to the fact that nearly everybody he has appointed to fill his cabinet (and will likely appoint to the Courts) are virulently anti-LGBTQ. Emma, strangely, seems to know this and disregards it anyway and/or believes that it doesn't matter unless Trump does or says something negative towards LGBTQ himself. My own guess is that Trump is not much of a bible thumper personally and probably wouldn't go after LGBTQ persons himself but that doesn't mean that he will fight against Republicans in Congress, statehouses, and his own Cabinet trying to attack LGBTQ persons.

What do we do to win (back) people like "Emma"?

December 22, 2016

Oh myyyyy. It's just like (some) people with their gun arsenals

What's the point of having them unless you get to use them once in a while?

Seriously, though, at this point in history, we should still be working towards eliminating nuclear weapons completely, NOT expanding them. Geez.

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