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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
July 28, 2016

Where does that bizarre notion come from?

Greens seem to not only dismiss any real-life differences between Democrats and Republicans that anybody with a half a working brain can see and hear with their own eyes but seem to revel in the idea that electing a Democrat would somehow be WORSE than electing the Republican (or at least they are indifferent to the prospect of a Republican being elected or think that it will accelerate the rise of the far left to power....somehow). The Green Party must be at the point where they have gone left so far around the bend that they wind up on the far end of the right.

July 22, 2016

Can somebody explain

the Republican obsession with the confusion surrounding the motivations of the attackers? It seems to matter so damned much to them, possibly even more than the attack/deaths themselves. What if it was the You Tube video? What if it was an organized terrorist attack? Does anybody- to this day- even know for sure?

July 19, 2016

I remember that lunacy all too well

It's ALL about finding SOMETHING to blame Obama for. The Fox/hate radio/Republican echo chamber just gets crazier and crazier because they can never find much, if anything, that they can actually blame him for.

July 18, 2016

Yeah, I suppose you're right

I believe that they've devoted an evening to Benghazi this week and, presumably, how evil and/or incompetent Hillary was and how she sent those four Americans to their doom in Benghazi and coldly refused their pleas for assistance while blaming a YouTube video for the attacks. Oh, and how Congress threw bucketfuls of money at her to help pay for diplomatic security but she deliberately kept the Libya mission woefully under protected. I'm actually surprised at this point, they haven't suggested that she either hired terrorists to kill Ambassador Stevens and the other people or was there doing the deed herself.

While what happened in Benghazi is a tragedy (Americans died, so it's definitely more of a tragedy whenever that happens- by default), why do Republicans keep getting away with over-scrutizing what happened in Benghazi when they BARELY wanted to investigate 3000 people being killed on 9/11/01 (and knowing that Bush sat on a "historical" PDB about a possible attack for almost a month beforehand) and didn't do any oversight AFAIK for the 60 or so people who died in embassy attacks during the Bush II (mis-)Administration. Yet, they're all over Benghazi and the four dead diplomats like flies on...........

July 18, 2016

If anybody needs to reinvent themselves

it's Trump IMHO. His campaign is a walking disaster and it's beyond me how he is going to draw the necessary broad electoral support to beat Hillary, especially when he can't stop shooting himself in the foot everytime he speaks. His selection of Pence as his VP nominee further cements his insanity/lack of ability to win in November. I'm not going to sweat a few "tightening" (or him ahead) polls. Unfortunately, there is a rabid group of people of roughly 30% who will vote for ANYBODY with an "R" next to their name, including Trump/Pence. Logically, I can't see him winning over a broader coalition. Hell, he doesn't even have a lot of REPUBLICANS in his corner at the moment and those whom are supporting/endorsing him are lukewarm about it and not even showing up at their national convention. What does that say to worrywarts about his electability? Do you see a similar group of Democrats refusing to attend the DNC because Hillary is the nominee? Even most of the "Berniecrats" have moved to Hillary- even before Bernie himself formally endorsed her. We're overall in much better shape than the Republicans. No, we shouldn't get complacent but neither should we be running around with our hair on fire over a few random (bad) polls. We need to resurrect the "Chill the f**k out, I got this!" memes from 2008! Whatever you think about Hillary, whatever mistakes she has made, whatever the right-wing conspiracy says about her, she is clearly not the walking disaster that Trump is. End of line.

July 5, 2016

How is he "mending the divisions" by staying in?

I feel like he is making it seem like there is still a race to win when there isn't. His campaign is sort of devolving into a farce and his decision to comment on the FBI non-indictment of Clinton over her e-mail server earlier today was equally baffling. Despite it being a much closer race in 2008, Clinton had no issues with bowing out almost immediately at the beginning of June and quickly endorsing Obama. Yet Clinton won a sizable PD victory that no SD would dare overturn absent some extraordinary circumstances that have yet to materialize and Bernie is still pretending that he has a chance and is extending things all the way to the convention for some reason that I simply can't discern. He could suspend his campaign like all of the other candidates and still remain just as involved in the DNC, so I don't get what his endgame is. Is he even going to accept the results of the DNC?

July 5, 2016

So, are Bernie's chances of winning the Democratic nomination

officially negative zero, now? What's his argument to the SDs, now? He doesn't have the polls to lean on anymore (Hillary is doing quite well against Trump in GE polling), there is NOT going to be an indictment/prosecution of HRC, and the DNC has adopted at least some of his agenda for the platform, so what's left?

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