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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
January 30, 2017

Pryor's my guess

With all of his recent EOs, he seems to be trying to firm up his base. He still needs to nail down the fundie base. Pryor will most likely be it. Hopefully, Democrats will fight tooth and nail to deny him confirmation, not only because he would be an awful pick but because Trump shouldn't be allowed to fill that seat period because of the Republican's theft of it from President Obama.

January 30, 2017

I'm not exactly sure but it's hella annoying

Just because women have it worse in the ME doesn't mean that women shouldn't be protesting here about things that are happening to women HERE. We have no shortage of unenlightened (mostly male) legislators trying to curtail rights for women here and a slim majority of people in this country, including some women, voted a guy into the Presidency with clear issues with how to talk to/treat women. Anyhoo, the Republican Tea Party got to have their protests about the phantom "Tyranny" and "Socialism" of President Obama and his health care law for the past 8 years, so maybe they shouldn't protest and be thankful they don't live somewhere with REAL tyranny and oppression, like, say, North Korea? When people say stuff like that, I feel like they're being dismissive of legitimate concerns. Everybody's feelings are valid and we have a right to express our feelings about how things are in this country even if you disagree with them. Period.

Also, not sure of all of the details but I'm pretty sure that whatever they're saying Bill Clinton (or Barack Obama) might have done in the past regarding immigration is almost certainly not quite comparable to what Trump did the other day with his EO (which obviously was not very well thought out and probably not even vetted).

January 28, 2017

How is everybody coping so far?

Trump has officially been POTUS for a week now and it's as bad as we all imagined (if not worse) but my blood pressure spikes and my heart hurts for the people he and his Trumpublican Party have hurt, are hurting, and will hurt before this nightmare is all over. I just don't know how I'm going to last for 4 more days, let alone 4 more YEARS of this. How is everybody else managing?

January 26, 2017

Feel same

my stress levels have never been quite so high other than when "W" was in office. But even then there was sort of a break or some "breathing room" between the outrages. With Trump and the GOPers in Congress, I'm having difficulty not getting worked up over every new EO, Tweet, or news story detailing how off the rails Trump is going on just about every front. Somebody is going to have to get him to calm down or focus or he needs to be removed from office. We are not going to last even a year with him at the helm at this pace.

January 24, 2017

Why can't/won't he just let this go?

He won the EV and he's sitting in the WH, not Hillary (to our country's everlasting shame). It shouldn't matter whether or not he won the PV and if he's that concerned that he's not popular or well-liked, now's the time for him to sit down and do some self-assessment (which we know he won't do but anyway) and figure out how to not come off as some thin-skinned ignorant jerk. George W. Bush, who won by an even slimmer EV margin and only took office because SCOTUS stopped the recount, never sat around following the election and fretted or raged about the fact that Al Gore won the PV. This is insane. If he has proof of massive voting fraud, he needs to show us the proof or just shut up about it IMHO. He's the sorest loser I think that I've ever seen. If I managed- after doing everything he did in order to be elected- to be able to plant my butt in the Oval Office, I would be thanking a higher power that I won and go on with being President.

January 20, 2017


Looks like they are realizing that they bought themselves a Lemon. Oh well.

January 12, 2017

Bernie and Chuck

made some conciliatory noises right after the election that they might work with Trump on some issues where they might be in agreement (i.e. Infrastructure, Israel, "WWC concerns&quot , however, aside from the fact that they probably put that out there mostly as a bit of political courtesy and desire to not be perceived as reflexively obstructionist right out of the gate, I have not seen any evidence that the Democrats are buckling under to Trump, especially when it comes to ACA. The main problem is that, aside from the Filibuster on most legislation and politicking, there's not a lot that Democrats can do to stop Republicans from what they want to do, unfortunately. There's a good chance that we can bite into their numbers and increase our own in 2018.

January 9, 2017


I guess that the GOP thinks everything is ok as long as at least a few people in this country are "strong" enough to defend it should somebody try to actually invade us. I didn't think about #2 but, yeah, why wouldn't that make them happy? But then again, they've demonized taxes so much that people tend to respond pretty reflexively whenever you get to the discussion of how SP will actually be paid for. Years and years of deprogramming about taxes alone are probably going to be necessary to condition people to accept SP.

January 9, 2017

Remember how Bush once said that he looked in Putin's eyes and saw his soul?

Good times those. Looks like we need to bring W back to peer into Trump's soul and report back to us. BTW did Bush ever report his findings on Putin's soul back to the CIA or the FBI (or Homeland Security)?

January 9, 2017

I get the sense that the Republicans boxed themselves in on the issue

Republicans have been demonizing, attacking, sabotaging, and otherwise undermining the law since day one, however as long as President Obama has been POTUS, their efforts have (mostly) amounted to nothing and the law is still largely intact. However, Republicans in Congress have built up a large amount of "street cred" on the basis of repealing PPACA and now that they have the power to actually deliver on it now, there's really no way they can back out of it now without suffering the political consequences (even if some of them want to). If they don't get a PPACA repeal on Donald Trump's desk by 2018, then they will be in big trouble. Of course, if they do repeal PPACA, they own the inevitable consequences but I don't think they're going to stop them from doing it. They'll just try to figure out a way to spin it that makes President Obama and the Democrats the real culprits.

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