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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
October 31, 2017

One America Network?

I was having lunch at Popeye's yesterday and the TV was tuned to something called "One America Network" which was promoting a news story that Antifa is partnering with ISIS (along with the ever omnipresent George Soros) to bring down Trump/America.

Did a quick Google search and found out it was a right-wing backed network but I had never heard of it before. Has anybody else heard about this? Seems like a more hyped-up and more conspiratorial version of Fox.

October 31, 2017

I don't know about him

but I'm worried about how Russian interference affected last year's election that helped bring us President Trump and a Republican majority and how that is going to CLEARLY affect "bread and butter issues". I'm worried about how Russian interference may affect elections- and the candidates they help elect- from here on out if nothing is done about it.

October 19, 2017

I wonder

if, by the time our national Trump nightmare is over, Republicans might even admit that maybe it would have been better if Hillary had won after all. I doubt it, but still you'd think that maybe they'd be happier spending another 4-8 years obstructing and beating up on and running against the Clintons instead of having to actually govern and, you know, get things done, which they're obviously totally incompetent and ineffectual at.

October 17, 2017

Me neither

What i can't stand even more are people whom STILL defend Trump as being some kind of` advocate for LGBTQ persons because at least Trump will defend us from ISIS who throw LGBTQ persons off of buildings and nobody does that here.

To which I say, not yet (and hopefully never) but we DO have Roy Moore running for the US Senate on the ticket of a major political party (that has yet to renounce him or his views) and he's on record for supporting criminalization of homosexuality. And he's favored to win this seat.

October 16, 2017

The "argument" for voting for Democrats *should* be blatantly obvious for most people

just knowing what the country is like when Democrats are in charge vs. when Republicans are in charge. When Democrats are in charge, things are generally stable, people on the margins of society tend to do better economically and socially, and things are generally peaceful on the foreign policy front. Whenever Republicans are in charge, things in the country are unstable, only the rich prosper, and we're usually starting a war or major military conflict somewhere around the globe that sends a lot of American soldiers to the disability line and/or to their graves. President Obama may not have solved all of our problems or even put a massive dent in them but our country was nicely recovering on all fronts from the Bush II disaster and Hillary Clinton was communicating that she generally intended to stay the course and continue President Obama's policies. Meanwhile,you have Trump basically trashing all of Obama's accomplishments and made it sound to people that we were living in some kind of trash strewn hellhole and that electing him President would MAGA and a lot of people apparently decided to believe and buy into that narrative and vote for the grossly unqualified sexual predator and elevate him to POTUS for whatever reason(s) that are well beyond my powers of comprehension. With people that far gone, I'm not really sure what else Hillary Clinton could have done and/or said that would have changed anything, especially with other forces at work in that election. It was truly one of our worst hours as a country.

October 16, 2017

It is my fond hope

that, by the time our long Trumpian nightmare ends, Republicans will WISH that Hillary Clinton would have gotten elected President because at least then they'd be getting to torture and harass her secure in their knowledge that she wouldn't potentially instigate WW3 and it would be viewed as the "usual" partisan food-fighting. As things stand now, Trump is torturing and scaring everybody in this country and even "traditional" or "establishment" Republicans are being targeted along with Democrats, poor people, minorities, LGBTQ persons, immigrants, et. al. Even if the "establishment" Republicans decide they've had enough and ultimately manage to dump Trump, his base would ravage them at the polls and installing Pence probably won't matter much because Trump being removed from office would still stain him (and he may be tangled up in the Russian mess himself, as well as several Republicans).

October 16, 2017


it's sort of amazing (in depressing sort of way) that McCain received a ton of ridicule and scorn (and partly lost his bid for the WH) for nominating Palin for VP because of how ignorant and crazy she seemed and how dangerous it seemed-at the time- for her to be "a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the US" but now we actually have a person for PRESIDENT who pretty much exceeds Palin in terms of gross incompetence, stupidity, and cluelessness. Of course, like with 2008, there were plenty of Republicans- despite the feigned outrage and disgust of some- whom still gladly lined up to cast their votes for Trump because they apparently decided they wanted an grossly unqualified avowed sexual predator with no sense of decency or empathy as the leader of the free world over...........Hillary Clinton.

October 11, 2017


I didn't know who he was and I'm utterly clueless about how he and his scandalous behavior is being "Trumped up" by the RW and some of the media (esp. CNN) to attack prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for not denouncing him quick enough (as though that is naturally expected of them as current private citizens), as well as to provide some bizarre false equivalency between the GOP's support and enabling of well-known sexual predator and CURRENT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the Democrats' past receipt of campaign contributions from Weinstein, a now disgraced member of the Hollywood establishment whom the Democrats never ran or supported for President (and probably didn't know particularly well enough to know that he's a scumbag and sexual predator). This whole situation is simply mind-blowing. And it's not even the most pressing problem for our country!

October 3, 2017


9 million children set to lose health insurance due to Congressional "Pro-Life" Republican neglect leading to expiration of CHIP.

October 2, 2017


His comments about Puerto Rico and, more alarmingly, North Korea have fallen down the "memory" hole pretty darned quick, haven't they? Now, CNN is onto the next thing to try to "normalize" Trump and make him "Presidential". WTF is wrong with them???

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