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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
March 2, 2017

It seems like ICE and CBP

have been totally let off the leash under Trump, which, so far, hasn't seemed like much of a good thing for a lot of people. I know that the Trumpublicans probably are gushing over their aggressive Gestapo-like tactics (they're just busy making America great again!) but I can't imagine that many immigrants- even those with some kind of legal status- are sleeping well at night anymore- and that's not something that I want our country to be known for (and not even something our country has traditionally been recognized for).

I wonder if there are ICE and CBP agents whom are a bit unhappy about how their agency is treating people nowadays? I haven't heard about a lot of pushback.

March 1, 2017

Not to mention the fact

that Texas, among other states and Trumpublicans want to repeal ACA, destroy Planned Parenthood, block grant Medicaid, and some, like Paul Ryan, desperately want to privatize Medicare. If all that goes through, what the hell is a pregnant woman going to do when faced with not only the possibility that a child she's carrying may have severe disabilities who will require lots of intensive medical care to survive but also that they may be prohibited from even KNOWING before the child is born? Couples would never even know whether or not their doctors were being truthful with them about what is going on with their pregnancies. This is awful even if just for the damage it could do between women and their doctors.


March 1, 2017

If Trump gets high marks for a decently presented speech in front of Congress

meaning one in which he doesn't go off on an incoherent rant or toss a massive "word salad", lord help us if he launches a war or we suffer a major terror attack that gives people excuses to rally around him like with George W. Bush.

February 28, 2017


Suddenly, we'll find out that it was a bipartisan law passed by majorities in both parties and that it was them whom forced President Obama off of the single payer cliff and into agreeing with the ACA as a compromise with them and 6+ years of Republican attempts at repeal will be completely washed down the drain.

February 27, 2017

People whom are afraid of Trans(women) persons

don't understand what being Transgender or Gender non-conforming is really all about. Anybody who wakes up one day and says that they are Trans and immediately barges into the ladies room without even the remotest concern about presenting as such to engage in inappropriate behavior is NOT Trans and, thus, would NOT be protected by anti-discrimination laws. Also, what's implied by these bathroom bills should really upset and offend non-Transgender men as well, since anti-Trans (women) people pushing these bills seem to single out a particular body part that all men and Trans women have (permanently or temporarily) as an existential threat to the safety of women and children. Plus, nobody is paying one lick of attention to the very real safety and comfort of Trans women having to use a male restroom and Trans men having to use a female restroom since they AFAB (would women really be ok with THAT? My guess is no)

February 27, 2017

Nobody who is a Republican maybe

President Obama and Democrats in Congress did and ACA is working as well as can be expected with the amount of resistance and Republican sabotage in Congress and in the states. It would probably be working even better if President Obama had been able to work with Congress and Governors to implement the law as it was written and had opportunities to fix the law to make it work even better. Now, we're going to get an unnecessary repeal of the law and a shoddy "replacement" that will just make things worse for everybody.

Republicans: Always giving Americans "solutions" that nobody asks for to problems that don't really exist.

February 27, 2017

They also have experience and know how DC operates too.

Wisdom and experience count for something too. Millennials may be eager to do things their way but slashing and burning the whole forest and throwing out everybody and everything all at one time seems like it could be a recipe for further disaster. If Millennials want to change things, they need to GOTV and/or run themselves instead of just sitting on the sidelines griping and complaining and waiting for Democratic politicians to provide us all with that "magic moment" of inspiration to GOTV. Geez. Republican voters don't sit around and moan and complain as much as we do. They GOTV and win elections even if they're unhappy with the people they elected- or they go out and primary them if they're seriously unhappy with them. But the point is, they vote.

February 27, 2017

And everybody and everything is changing all of the time

They are like a Beaver Dam trying told back a Tsunami. It would be interesting to see an alternate reality where conservatives were not as successful as they are in this reality in terms of holding back change, just to see where we would be now as a society without them. There was a good Star Trek:TNG episode ("First Contact&quot that sort of touches on change, reaction to change by a society when new information comes along. Basically, it deals with a society sufficiently advanced to be approached by the Federation for possible membership grappling with the fact that they're no longer alone in the universe and how that planet's "President" ultimately handles it. Unfortunately, the decision that he makes causes them to reject Federation membership at that point in time and retreat back from their scientific progress due to the reaction by some of the people, including the President's security chief, towards the revelation that Riker- who has been secretly observing the society and injured/captured during the course of his surveillance- is an alien. Aside from the President's science chief being allowed to leave with the Enterprise crew at the end rather than being forced to live under President's new restrictions on scientific progress, it's not much of a "happy ending" typical of Star Trek shows, but it demonstrates how conservative elements can and do hinder scientific progress and keep us trapped in ways of thinking and doing things that have the tendency to inhibit growth.

February 26, 2017

Both matter IMHO

And when we have Democrats cast bad votes, we should call them out on it, but we need to get over these notions of demanding 100% purity in all of our Democrats, especially those whom represent Republican districts or Republican states. I'll be happy to cut Joe Manchin 25% slack if it means him staying a member of the Democratic Party and preventing a Republican from being in that seat and adding to Republican numbers. Democrats are not (and never have been) a lock-step, small tent, purity-driven party like the GOP has become and we need to accept that in order to win a majority IMHO. And we also know that somebody with an "R" after their name will vote for "R" policies and "R" leadership" virtually 100% of the time, so we need to keep that in mind as well.

February 24, 2017


Of course you're right!

Part of me wants Trump out immediately and then part of me wants Trump to stick around long enough for maximum political damage to the GOP.

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