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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
November 27, 2019

More obsession/fixation on Trump voters

This seems like it has become almost a running joke with the NYT

Why are Trump voters so damned important? Why isn't anybody paying attention to Hillary voters from 2016 or would-be Democratic voters in 2020? Or perhaps some of those Republican voters whom might vote Democratic in 2020?

I swear that they are working hard to dampen our enthusiasm in 2020.

November 26, 2019

Good reframing

Unfortunately, the media just wants to make everything look bad- for Democrats- because there apparently isn't any money in making things look worse for Republicans because it will just get them accused of having a *gasp* "liberal bias" or of somehow being "in the tank" for Democrats.

When a Republican is President, the media covers mainly Republicans because that's who's usually making all of the news and commanding all of the attention.

When a Democrat is President, however, the media covers mainly Republicans because they act like sore losers and a**holes and their antics to try to tear down the Democratic President is usually making all of the news and commanding of their attention. Plus, again, they don't want to be accused of having a "liberal bias" or of somehow being "in the tank" for Democrats.

When it comes to the media, it's pretty much always a lose/lose for Democrats and and a win/win for Republicans because even when the Republicans are down, the media minimizes it or spins it in a different direction and when the Democrats are down, the media maximizes it.

The media is something that Democrats can't currently win at, so we have to win IN SPITE OF.

November 26, 2019

Elections are NOT the remedy for an abusive President

committing illegal acts! *ugh*

Especially when the reason an Impeachment Inquiry even exists is because of Trump's attempts to gain an advantage on the 2020 Presidential Election!!!!

November 26, 2019

How many "special projects"

will Trump give this unelected dudebro? Also, never minding the fact that Trump's use of funds to build his vanity wall was never even authorized.

November 25, 2019

I agree

Hard to believe that Ukraine is it. There is probably so much more skullduggery in general going on in Trumpworld that we have yet to hear about.

November 22, 2019

Somebody please refresh me

Did Clinton lunch with Democratic Senators while in the midst of his Impeachment/Trial? And let's imagine what the Republicans would have said/done if he had?

November 20, 2019

Can't wait for her long and impassioned speech

about how she is still supporting Trump against impeachment.

November 12, 2019

Clinton/Murder/Epstein Memes

Anybody else having their social media feeds (esp. on Facebook) being flooded by (Hillary) Clinton/Murder/Epstein feeds lately? I'm asking because I certainly have. And it's not because I have a bunch of right-wing Trump-humping friends, but rather a mixture of people whom are far left and people whom just seem to hate Hillary Clinton. I know that on Twitter there are ways to filter out certain words or phrases but can you do that on Facebook. I don't want to get rid of a lot of people on Facebook, nor do I want to try to tell people what to post but it is becoming a bit of a noxious presence on my FB newsfeed. I have taken to mainly hiding them. Maybe I should start reporting them? Anybody else seeing a rash of these toxic memes?

November 8, 2019


it would have to be his immigration policies and everything associated with it- between the caging of kids in sub-par conditions, as well as his phony declaration of a national emergency to seize funds intended for other things for his stupid "wall"

Globally- It would have to be his abandonment of the Kurds and our agreements in general, as well as alienating all of our major global allies.

In short, there is no good governance coming from this WH and the fact that the American economy is doing ok is more IN SPITE OF Trump rather than BECAUSE of it IMHO. There's really nothing that is happening in Trump's WH that has been even remotely good for the country- except for the racists and other bigots here. They're being put back on the pedestal they were "losing" under President Obama.

November 6, 2019

I don't see anything really either

This is the thing that I don't get about people accusing Facebook of bias: The user (us) largely controls the content we see. We friend who we want to friend, block or refuse to follow those we want. The biggest problem I see with Facebook, Twitter, etc. is more what happens when certain individuals become abusive and the social media platform admins refuse to take matters seriously and allow them to continue to abuse and bully their victims. Twitter, for example, is being reluctant to take down some white supremacist/white nationalist pages simply because it would also take down some pages for Republicans, which is seriously disturbing/problematic in and of itself. Or when Facebook takes down people's pages and/or ban ("zucc" ) them for 30 days because some "algorithm" said that some content was offensive, inappropriate, etc., which is often subjective. Like I think that Facebook will now be banning the usage of some emojis on Facebook posts because they might be used in a "suggestive" way. That's just stupid and petty stuff. Those are the sort of things that annoy me. A lot of these problems are endemic to pretty much all of the major social media platforms, not just Facebook, although it's obviously the more ubiquitous of them all.

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