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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
September 27, 2020

Since Breyer has been mentioned:

He's another reason to vote out Trump in November because he will probably be looking to retire or will probably have to work himself to death during the next 4 years to try to avoid having his seat filled with ANOTHER right-winger!

And if everybody wants or needs another reason for 4-8 years of Biden/Harris, Thomas' seat could *potentially* come up as well during that time, which could help shift the balance of the court back towards the center. While Thomas would probably not purposefully resign under Biden, he may still get sick and be forced to retire and/or pass away since he *is* getting up there in years. If Trump wins, he would likely retire and Trump would get yet another pick.

September 27, 2020


All three of them are tainted:

Gorsuch: This was supposed to be President Obama's pick- Garland or somebody else. But McConnell and other Republicans invoked a non-existent rule (now referred to as the "McConnell Rule&quot and used their power to prevent hearings or a vote for 8-9 months before the 2016 Election, ostensibly to prevent Democrats from appointing a moderate/liberal replacement for Scalia.

Kavanaugh: Who paid his debts off? Why did Kennedy suddenly decide to resign? WHAT in the world was that reaction to Trump that was caught on tape. And Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexual assault and had a meltdown at his own confirmation hearing. Totally UNFIT for the job but he got it anyway- because Republicans wanted it and Collins decided to straddle both sides of the fence on the sexual assault allegations presented by Blasey-Ford. Hopefully, she pays for it with her seat this year.

Barrett: In a naked and bald-faced reversal of their 2016 "McConnell Rule", Republicans are now literally tripping over themselves right now to replace Ginsburg, a liberal member of SCOTUS, with a hardcore right-winger to tip the scales of the court even further in a conservative/right-wing direction for generations to come a mere 40 or so days until the 2020 Election. They are trying to gussy up their hypocrisy with a bunch of caveats and excuses but nothing can talk them out of their hypocrisy.

September 26, 2020

How ironic

I live here and his mask mandate is one of the things he’s done right in regards to COVID. Ironic that his desire to save lives here is the one thing that is killing him politically.

September 24, 2020

Mail-In Ballots/Absentee Ballots

Trump is shouting into a bullhorn at this point that he intends to challenge mail-in ballots/absentee ballots after the election, albeit, of course, only if the outcome of the election is unfavorable to him, but what's his argument for why they are inherently fraudulent or should be automatically thrown out? If he's trying to throw out votes only for Biden, how does he ensure that ballots for *himself* count? Should states that ONLY do mail-in balloting have their votes and the laws that allow for it be declared completely invalid? I'm just trying to follow the logical thread of this crusade (jihad) he is on about mail-in balloting and how he- or other minds- think that he is going to lose the Electoral Vote and still hold on to power.

September 19, 2020

Biden and China

Where is the idea that China is supporting and/or potentially aiding Joe Biden in the upcoming Presidential Election coming from? I am certain that it is BS but were there some "intelligence reports" that suggested this and/or some kind of tangible evidence presented that China even supports Joe Biden for POTUS? What is this actually based on? Where did this get started? It's not something that the MSM seems to be running with but it seems to be circulating within social media, usually as some kind of retort about Russia's seemingly obvious to most of us (by this point) support of Trump in 2016 and 2020. Are "they" just trying to create a mirror/both sides situation for Biden to deflect from Trump/Russia? Curious.

September 14, 2020

I always assumed

The virus was pretty bad. I actually don't think there was a time where it wasn't being portrayed, at least in the media, as being pretty serious, esp with the news coming out from China. I also wasn't listening to anything Trump was saying. At any rate, it was ultimately Trump's responsibility to take it seriously and encourage everybody else to take it seriously and handle it responsibly and he failed miserably. What Woodward said or didn't say at the time probably wouldn't have changed much IMHO.

September 14, 2020

It was a 4-party split in 2016

I don't see them significantly impacting the race this year. Although I have a few left wing friends going Green a larger number of them seem to be planning to hold their noses and vote for Biden to get rid of Trump. I think getting rid of Trump is going to energize people this year whereas a lot of people (strangely) didn't fully grasp the danger of him as POTUS in 2016 or how woefully unqualified he was

September 14, 2020

Saw this tonight!

Wife and I chipped in $5 to see this. Aside from a few streaming issues, it was amazing. Kudos to all of the actors and organizers for doing this and having a Q & A session afterwards. The actors really got back into their roles quite nicely. Some of course have since passed on but the replacements did an admirable job, esp. Josh Gad as Fezzik, standing in for Andre. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard stepped in for the grandson, which was originally done by Fred Savage. I assume they wanted somebody young to do that role? Anyway, in short, an awesome experience and great way to help raise some money to win Wisconsin in November!

September 7, 2020

The way they frame debates between him and his opponents

And this problem extends far beyond just Trump. The media has this aggravating tendency to give competing arguments about just about everything equal weight, even when both sides are, objectively, equally weighed. The Teaching Creationism vs. Evolution In Schools debate is the marquee example for me- You have one argument- the scientific argument- that is backed up by empirical research and by facts and another one with- the creationist argument- backed up by nothing but religious belief and conviction taken from a book that has been translated, re-interpreted, and passed down through centuries and yet both are given more or less equal weight in a debate over public policy that undoubtedly has profound implications for our children's educational instruction. Much of what Trump says or pushes are lies or exaggerations, however, they are often treated as having the same inherent value or status as what his opponents (us) are saying, with what we are saying and doing backed up by actual facts, evidence, etc.

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