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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
July 15, 2021

What is the Republican Solution to COVID (if there even is one)?

They don't believe in any restrictions to stop the spread- no shutdowns, no masks, no social distancing, and, most importantly, no vaccines. In short, nothing. They were obsessed with their reckless behavior all of last year and they haven't changed at all- and now there are virtually no restrictions still in place, just the presence of the vaccines available that they refuse to take (all for medical control of bodies unless it's about abortion or anything else they don't like people doing with them).

So...........are they just planning on COVID becoming an enduring and lifelong thing for our country (and the world)? Something that they're just planning to live with in perpetuity? Do they even care about getting rid of it entirely- or winnowing it down to the point where it's practically gone? If so, how do they propose to do it? I just don't get what they're hoping for. I'm sure that some of their resistance is about sticking it to Joe Biden and the Democrats and residual Trumpism but since it's mostly their (older) base getting infected with it, how is that going to benefit them in the long run? Are they just thinking short-term political gains and not even thinking about the long-term implications of their actions? WHAT IS THEIR ENDGAME regaring COVID?

July 13, 2021

Given the amount of time that has passed since people have started to get vaxxed

and the number of people having been vaxxed, don't you think we would have already started noticing SOMETHING?! Or if it really does "manipulate our DNA at the tiniest molecular level" then what's the big deal? How much would we even be affected?

July 3, 2021

I don't think they were "deceived"

At least not (most of) the politicians. Some of the insurrectionists, maybe. Many in the GOP may not believe it personally and likely detest Trump but are going along with it just so that they don't get flat-out killed by TFG's debased base if he identifies them as insufficiently loyal to him. He doesn't have the means to incite his supporters like he once did but he still has plenty of surrogates to help spread his messages.

July 3, 2021

This is a right-wing fever dream

It's not a happy prospect to be sure but Trump knows as much as how to be SOTH as the average joe or jane on the street. I don't know what Republicans think that they would be accomplishing by doing something like this. Much like he was a (P)resident, Trump would take advantage of the perks and privileges of the job (any?) but refuse to do any real work. This is Idiocracy-level territory. He'd run the House of Representatives into the ground so bad, even the most rabid Trump-humping Republicans would probably be forced to eventually have to vote him out. It would sure as heck galvanize the Democrats too and lead to us winning the House back overwhelmingly in the next election IMHO.

July 3, 2021

Good luck with that (I guess)?

The President tells his followers that the election had been stolen out from under him for several months (even before the election) and even attends a "Stop The Steal" rally the very same day and suddenly people are breaking into Capitol Hill because they think that Mike Pence is basically selling them out (by not doing something that he constitutionally or legally couldn't do) and then the National Guard isn't deployed for hours (probably at Trump's orders or those of one of his lackeys) and McCarthy (who was reportedly on the phone with Trump trying to get Trump to call things off) thinks that he can successfully blame Pelosi for what happened LOL

If I had it, I'd use that .gif of Jennifer Lawrence

July 2, 2021

The good news here

is that the media (and by extension Republicans) is having a hard time finding some kind of monumental scandal or news story to endlessly attack Biden about. Biden just doesn't seem threatening or "other" to a lot of people. Republicans attack him for all kinds of silly stuff but nobody is really paying much attention to stuff that seems trivial after 4 horrible years of Trump and a global pandemic. They just don't know how to attack him in the same way that they were Obama, which is both good and unfair, because Obama's WH was also run competently and was largely scandal-free but Republicans were able to run up the score in terms of electoral wins using racism (against him specifically) and scare tactics over "socialism" and, of course, the "horrifying" specter of universal health care, which, despite their best efforts in the Courts and the WH (under Trump), and control of Congress, is still standing today.

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