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Profile Information

Name: Mara Alis Butler
Gender: Female
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Member since: Sat Feb 28, 2004, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 22,633

About Me

Transgender Woman /Social Worker/Case Manager working for State of Indiana. Huge Sci-Fi/Anime Geek and music lover. Hopeless \"political junkie\" and aspiring writer.

Journal Archives


"political winner"?! I just can't even...........

I don't even understand how this is supposed to work. So, Texas is investigating parents whom are providing gender affirming care to their children but to what end? The potential removal of the children and placement in foster care with no access to said care? And then what? Parents will have to prove they will deny their children gender affirming care in order to get their children back? This is nuts and has to run afoul of a few constitutional provisions. No matter what Abbott or Paxton say, there's no way they can prove in court that gender affirming care harms children (quite the opposite, in fact). How are Judges going to handle these cases if they wind up before them?!
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Wed Mar 2, 2022, 02:47 PM (0 replies)

This is horrific

I work for CPS here in Indiana, am Trans myself, and have a child who may transition. I hope that madness doesn't spread here and that the ACLU shuts this s*it right down.
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Wed Mar 2, 2022, 02:33 PM (1 replies)

"Take advantage of"?!

Parents who affirm their children’s identified gender?! Feel sorry for my young Trans brothers and sisters in Texas, as well as my child welfare colleagues whom may have to enforce this “opinion” somehow.
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Mon Feb 21, 2022, 09:40 PM (0 replies)

It's hilarious

that anti-vaxxers love to yell about vaccines are a conspiracy about government being in bed with pharmaceuticals (which is sort of the right sentiment in some sense but not here) but they're shoveling even more money into the pharmaceuticals' pockets with stuff like the monoclonal antibodies, which they're willing if not eager to use to treat Covid instead of a vaccine that costs NOTHING.
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Fri Feb 18, 2022, 11:22 AM (0 replies)

Why is this all being laid at Biden's feet?!

He’s tried to do stuff that states like Arkansas, Texas, Florida and others keep undermining and yet they’re yelling at HIM to do…….something, something?!
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Thu Feb 10, 2022, 12:46 AM (2 replies)

Only in this country and with the Republican Party

could a health official who has served the country for DECADES under Presidents of BOTH parties suddenly be at the center of a massive conspiracy to............something? I'm not even sure what they're accusing him of because they're all over the place and it's all nonsensical and I can't believe that they're going to base a midterm election strategy around him.
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Wed Feb 9, 2022, 10:53 AM (0 replies)

I know that Indies can be finicky when times are tough

Seems stupid and illogical that they would put the stupid and illogical party partly in charge of things over and over again, somehow thinking that THEN things might get better.
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Tue Feb 8, 2022, 11:33 PM (0 replies)

Why does it seem

that when the right-wing/Republicans start really getting horny about overturning Roe V. Wade, their discourse inevitably degenerates to this point?
Posted by Mad_Machine76 | Tue Feb 1, 2022, 05:00 PM (0 replies)
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