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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
January 23, 2023

Good lord

If (when) this single person rules against this, then what? Will there be any appeal process that stands a chance of success? It's astounding that one particular judge can have this much power over the federal government and that it's perfectly fine to "judge shop" virtually anything just to get the result that you want. Surely, we have to have some kind of recourse? Right? Right?

January 22, 2023


I know that the "buck" stops with the President, but unless there's some evidence that he conspired with others to retain these docs and/or use them for some nefarious purpose, I really don't care. Odds are he probably didn't even know or pay much attention personally to whether he still had those docs. We know he's cooperating with the searches and the investigation, and nobody will probably have much to say until the investigation is through. Other Dems just need to button their holes until all that is done, and we have all the facts before rendering some kind of judgement. And, although I tend to eschew conspiracy theories and we don't currently have any reason to believe there was some kind of effort to frame Biden, it just seems too convenient this is coming out now, right when Republicans are primed the most to exploit something like this.

It's also really sad that there are so many Dems ready to push Biden out of the door in 2024.

January 16, 2023

By the time this clown resigns or gets defeated

He’ll have claimed that he was one of the founding fathers.

January 12, 2023

Republicans fight for nothing harder

than the "right" to discriminate or invalidate or change a person's feelings and/or identity.

January 11, 2023


If we've thought of it, it's nearly guaranteed that the Democrats in Congress have too. That's why all of these "Why don't Democrats do........." posts drive me up the wall. If they're not doing something, there's usually a reason why they've not done it and often times it's as simple as not having the votes, although some people always want to ascribe more conspiratorial motives and/or incompetence to their behavior.

January 4, 2023

I know

it's crazy. Makes zero sense. The problem seems to be though that these people are filled with petty vengeance. It's not that they don't like government. They just don't want it to do things that don't benefit *them* and they will gum up all of the works to make sure it doesn't work for the average person. But it's even worse because they are able to get the average person to fight against themselves. Also, "Big Government" is great for curtailing abortion and punishing people they hate like POC and LGBTQ people, but not so much for guns and preventing people from discriminating.

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