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Member since: Thu Mar 4, 2004, 07:38 PM
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Google's new privacy law, and how to protect yourself. Do it before March 1.

My understanding of the new google privacy laws are quite elementary. If you're more familiar with it, please correct me if I've misunderstood it. And please start your own threads to raise awareness about it.

Starting March 1, all google services that you access with your google account will start sharing information about you in order to target their advertising to your interests. That includes searches in the google search engine, you-tube, and gmail.

If you have a google account, you may be surprised to see that google has a history of everything you've been searching since you opened that account. They will use that information -- your personal information -- for their targeted advertising.

What you do with google services is your business, it's none of their business. If you don't want Google to use the information in your web search history, you can erase your current history and block their collection of future web history.

This website has simple instructions on how to do it:

If you have more than one google account, do this for each of your accounts.

Margaret and Helen: 100,000 Gay Kids Secretly Watch Ellen

Another amazing wonderful read from Helen:

Margaret, I think that religious freedom means that we have freedom for religion as well as freedom from religion. Now I know you don’t worry about this stuff. You have never questioned your religion and you never worry about the day you will eventually meet your maker. I question my religion regularly and worry all the time. I guess that’s why I have a fat ass and you look like a zipper when you stick your tongue out. Which reminds me, dear, did you check on that cake recipe I sent you? I am not sure about the ingredients and Betty’s daughter is kind of mad at me about that Komen stuff so I can’t ask her right now.

And speaking of being mad, I watched that sweet Ellen – like I do every day – and discovered that one million mothers are mad at JCPenney and they are trying to get Ellen fired because she is one of those lesbians. That sweet little girl never did anything but make people laugh and dance a little. Every time she comes on the TV I have to get up and do a little step doodle-ditty step with her. I just love her. Who are these million moms anyway? Mothers should know better. Statistically speaking a hundred thousand of those moms are raising a child who secretly watches Ellen and would one day make a fine spokesperson for JCPenney.

All of this hatred in the name of Jesus is alarming. It’s alarming from a million moms and it is particularly alarming from presidential candidates like Rick Santorum. He was in Texas this week talking about his faith… which always leads him to talk about abortion and gay marriage. I swear that man worries more about vaginas and who is sleeping with whom than any normal person should. I don’t think he is right in the head. He told his audience that his faith is a part of who he is and it will guide him in his presidency. Well good for him.

There is nothing wrong with a little faith keeping you on the straight and narrow as they say. But here’s the problem I have when it is the only consideration for a presidential candidate. My faith guides me too. And my church has no issue with contraception and understands that sometimes abortion is a moral and scared decision that a women might make in her life. And every week when I go to my church there are these two women who are raising two beautiful little girls and nobody in my church has an issue with their little family. I even heard that they all went up to Canada and got married. Now I get that Rick Santorum’s and Newt Gingrich’s church, the Catholic Church, feels differently about these things. And I respect that. But which church should our government follow? Your church or my church? What about Mitt Romney’s church?

More at

Police Stop "Dogs Against Romney" Protester for Having Dog Crate on Car Roof

From Dogs Against Romney Blog,

This image says it all. A Dogs Against Romney Pack Member was stopped by the Littleton, Colorado police yesterday for having a dog crate on the roof of his car. The Pack Member , identified only as "Oredigger," was on his way to protest at a Mitt Romney event yesterday with the crate atop his car carrying a stuffed toy dog when the police officer, believing he was actually transporting a live dog on the roof of his car, stopped him. Says Oredigger, "I was pulled over for suspected animal abuse."


At least this officer cared enough about the dog to stop him!

Mitt Romney could become the first Presidential candidate to be defeated by DOGS

Dogs Against Romney has reached over 20k fans (edited to add: on facebook), it's been fascinating to watch the steep climb in popularity in the past few days!

The tale of poor Seamus won't go away. Check out this article in the Winnipeg Free Press:

But it's the tale of poor Seamus, the Irish setter who infamously spent 12 hours in the 1980s strapped to the roof of the Romney family station wagon on a road trip from Massachusetts to Grand Bend, Ont., that truly will not die.

A new report suggests Seamus, who soiled himself during his stint in the rooftop crate, ran for the hills when the Romneys finally arrived at the family's Lake Huron cottage. Some wags have suggested it was an attempt to seek asylum in Canada and avoid the hellish return trip back to Boston.

Politicker, the political blog for the New York Observer newspaper, reports that two of Romney's sons have told reporters off the record that the dog ran away when they reached their destination in the summer of 1983.

It was unclear if he ever returned, and there has been no response from the Romney campaign to repeated requests for comment on the story. Jane Romney, Mitt Romney's sister, has long insisted Seamus ended up living to a "ripe old age" on her farm in California, where he once served as a loving caregiver to a litter of kittens.

More details at http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-and-life/entertainment/music/seamus-romney-knaan-cause-canadian-flavoured-headaches-to-romney-138592124.html

And Rusty posted a news story on his blog yesterday, that led to another one at Politicker,
"Did Mitt Romney’s Dog Seek Asylum In Canada??

Image from http://www.dogsagainstromney.com/

Margaret and Helen: The Race for Respect

Margaret, tell Howard he is full of shit. (comment from shireen: Howard is Margaret's Republican husband.) Democrats aren’t trying to take his money. Show me a Republican who makes less than a million a year and I’ll show you a moron who watches Fox News. Newt wants to spout off about a food stamp President and welfare queens which is just another way of saying, “Hey. Who let the black guy into the White House?” And Romney wants us to believe that the poor in America are doing just fine and dandy. Good Lord where did the Republican party dig up these idiots?

Obama isn’t making plans to take your hard-earned money and give it to some poor person who is sitting at home with too many kids just living high on the hog off the government. Despite what Gingrich wants you to think, Obama isn’t a Socialist. I doubt most of the Gingrich voters even know the definition of socialism. After all, it has three more letters in it than Muslim. I do know this – taxes piss everyone off. Nobody likes to be taxed. But we all kind of like our roads, schools, healthcare, national security, law enforcement, energy… Those things represent the majority of what our taxes go to. And speaking of majority, the majority of welfare recipients are children. You know, those precious little bundles of life that the Republican base likes to ignore once the cord is cut.

And now we get to hear it all over again as Mitt and Newt head to Nevada. God help our friends out West. If ever there was a time for things that happen in Vegas to stay in Vegas, this would be it. And you my poor dear, Margaret. Your beautiful state of Maine is also up this week. I’d bake you a sympathy pie, but it won’t be long before the mud-slinging gets to my state as well. At least Perry has been put down.

Mitt and Newt are beginning to bore me. Let’s talk about something else today.

More good stuff at http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/the-race-for-respect/
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