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Member since: Fri Mar 12, 2004, 11:06 PM
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Rightwingers suffering another freakout!!

Of COURSE the media is in hair-on-fire mode. It's what they do.

Of COURSE the low-information folks are hiding under their beds. It's what they do.

(In 2004 they were still in such a frightened stupor, they re-elected the shrub -- even though the regions that were actually attacked went for Kerry, remember? Facts be damned.)

So it only makes sense that they're freaking out about Ebola, suddenly whining that the much-maligned Big Government didn't ignore the Constitution, override states' rights, interfere with civil liberties and spend a whole lot more money on a level that would blanket ALL possibilities..

Once again, a frightening-yet-remote possibility has them in a tizzy while they remain complacent about things like:
- Eating junk food
- Smoking, drinking, prescription drugs
- Traveling in cars
- Gun violence/accidents

These are far more likely to kill them, and they're more within their own control. But some remote possibility they don't even understand has them hiding under their beds. (Especially when there's an "African" disease from an "African" guy and an "African" president and -- of course! -- the "African" nurse! Cue the Hitchcock horror music.)

They are just as sure that the Ebola virus is airborne as they are sure that global warming is fiction -- science be damned, in both cases. But why has no one (that I've heard, anyway) suggested that the nurses became infected BEFORE Mr. Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola!??

(Not to excuse any lax standards at the hospital in Texas, but just to say that the guy was seen twice while sick, before there was any diagnosis calling for nurses to cover their every inch of skin.)

Like HIV, the Ebola virus seems to require direct contact with body fluids -- such as a cut in the skin being met with vomit, feces or blood -- and here we have people freaking out that they might have been in the same airport with someone who was infected, and OMG that guy with the clipboard!!!

Let's just wait a few weeks and keep some perspective. Meanwhile, tell the askeeeeered right-wingers to get their guns and hide under their beds... (They're even afraid of FANS, for cryin' out loud!)
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