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Member since: Fri Mar 12, 2004, 11:06 PM
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Bernie just went from being a Kucinich to being a Nader.

I always liked Sanders and what he had to say. I thought his candidacy would keep important issues in the debate, and would neutralize the usual attempts to portray the Democratic candidate as "lefty socialist Marxist pinko" blah blah blah blah blah.

And frankly, I would LIKE to see the country go more lefty socialist Marxist pinko whatever.

But let's be HONEST. (Despite the fact that "honest" is now a word that means "raining on our parade" and "establishment" and "not on our side" and "how dare you say magic sparkly unicorns aren't real! All you have to do is believe!!"

I thought he was a Kucinich. I thought he knew where the country is, wanted to stop Republicans, cared about his issues, and didn't want to jeopardize everything with unrealistic ideas about taking the White House.

Once he's seen it in far-fetched reach though, he wants to go for the gold, with the RNC cheering him on. He could get a brokered convention. He could get the nomination and continue with zero opposition from the rightwing. Oh, and Congress will magically turn Democratic (or Socialist), there'll be a "Revolution" in DC, and things will happen with no plans whatsoever -- banks will break up, the 1% will pay their fair share, the world will live in peace...

Now he's Nader. He's on the outside looking in, criticizing people who actually have been in the fight and are running to continue the battle, not to preach from on high as IF things were different or wishing will make it so. Saying Secretary Clinton is "Establishment" and implying that she's corrupt, dishonest and immoral was bad enough. Tonight he actually said she is "unqualified?!?!!"

This is not a constructive debate. It's a DESTRUCTIVE battle. I can't put myself through more juvenile politically-fundamentalist rantings on DU. Been there, done that, they can't be convinced. She is evil, he is pure, period. So I'm not going to hang out in GD: Primaries.

I so hate confrontations (and so easily feel hurt), I've kept my Louise Brooks avatar... But I'm coming out. I'm changing my avatar. Then I'm going to go make another donation to HRC.

I can respect a Kucinich. I can NOT respect a Nader.
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