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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
November 15, 2012


Spending vast sums of money to donate to SuperPACS:
Hundreds of thousands of dollars

Having mountains of executive pay for the people at the top:
People at the top getting paid 400 times more than entry level employees

Traveling to wine and dine with legislators to make you keep your tax cuts and deregulations:
Whatever a private jet costs and more, plus lobbyists

Spending a fraction of the above on a safety net and health care on your employees:
Priceless... as in "I'm not paying for it! We're closed! You're all fired!"

November 12, 2012

No, the unemployed are not incentivized to not find work, they're disincentivized to find work

Well, the Republicans haven't learned their lesson from the election. One's back at the game, blaming unemployment on the vast wealth one can get from unemployment benefits and on food stamps, because you know, crazy liberals and their ludicrous belief that people need to eat. Weird, right?


No, the unemployed do not get incentives to not find work; they get obstruction, roadblocks, delays, excuses, checks, tests, filters, catch-22's, and hoops to jump through to get them what? The crumbs, and that's if they beat the four other applicants who also wanted the job? Oh wow.

You'll find very few people who don't think people on unemployment benefits should be looking for work, but YOU sit on your thumbs when...

The pay rate of the people at the top is four hundred times more than the people at the bottom. Don't you think that they might be able to hire just a couple more people if it was a little less exponential?

Reports come out of employers telling the unemployed to not even bother applying. There you go, pretend the unemployed don't need to find work. Then there is the matter of credit checks in hiring. Just a little hard to pay your bills to get your credit up when you can't get a job to pay your bills. Also it's the modern day phrenology. Should consider regulating it, just for sanity's sake.

People suggest that we could use a new CCC or WPA. No, wait, you don't sit on your thumbs. You scream and run out of the room. Unemployment is a problem, but not big enough to have an employer of last resort?

Our infrastructure and public transportation systems are crumbling. Could not only create jobs directly in those fields, but not every person has a Mercedes Benz in their car elevator, more buses could help them out.

Remove the roadblocks and hoops to employment before claiming a person can get a mortgage on a mansion through unemployment benefits and food stamps. 'Kay?

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