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ck4829's Journal
ck4829's Journal
September 25, 2013

If you don't work, you don't eat

Yet teachers are evil, public workers are evil, we don't have a CCC anymore, we don't have a WPA anymore, there is no real effort by these same people who say this to cut vicious circles keeping people unemployed (Use of credit as a hiring filter, telling unemployed not to apply), Christian Rightists telling people to not hire gays, our infrastructure is crumbling and nobody is working on it, streets lined with condemned homes, and there are even parks that are filling up with weeds and trash and nobody is touching them.

So they say that not working merits starvation, but yet there are jobs we shouldn't have and some of us who shouldn't have jobs according to these same people?


September 20, 2013

From the makers of the Republican Dictionary, there is now the Rich-Poor Dictionary

"Communism!" - Rich people will have to cut back
"Sacrifice." - Poor people will have to cut back

"They'll be afraid to invest in our economy!" - Rich people potentially facing hardship
"They need to have some more skin in the game." - Poor people potentially facing hardship

"Just the way the world works." or "Get over it." - Rich people having financial security
"UNIONS! PUBLIC WORKERS! GET RID OF THEM!" - Poor people having financial security

"Earners." - Rich people who do not work
"Parasites!" - Poor people who do not work

"..." - Rich people doing less work than you and earning much more
"!!!" - Poor people doing the same work or more than you and earning slightly more

"Well it's their money." - Rich person buying a car elevator
"What are they buying? *peers at cash register* How dare they buy that?!" - Poor person buying food with food stamps

"It's only $172,000 a year *sniffle*." - Rich person
"Utilities or groceries?" - Poor person

September 17, 2013

Greatest delusion ever? "Well, maybe the Republican Party is just too smart for the average voter!"

“Conservatism is too cerebral for many Americans,” writes Rachel Alexander at the Christian Post. She claims that Republicans continue to lose elections “because people are lazy” and simply not smart enough to understand why Democrats are wrong on the issues.

“While Americans deep down prefer shows like Duck Dynasty, they're allowing the left to win on social issues,” Alexander said. “Republicans need to quit lamenting over the backwards fact that the most intelligent party is not the most successful.”

One way to change to “turn the tide” and improve the GOP’s image as a “cold and heartless” party, she writes, is to shame women who seek an abortion: “Portray the woman who wants to abort her baby as cruel and selfish, and showcase those children who grew up with permanent injuries as a result of an attempted, botched abortion. These kinds of portrayals must be done frequently and everywhere.”


That explains it. Christine O'Donnell and the birthers are just too intelligent for all the America troglodytes, you know, pretty much everyone now.

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