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Wayne Simmons quietly removed from list of right wing, pro-war group

Paul Vallely and his group, Stand Up America, get mentioned here from time to time.


And here he suggests an overthrow of Obama.

So in the news is Wayne Simmons, the Fox News 'unpaid guest' (According to them) who said he was a big paramilitary ops leader, it all turned out that he is a big fat phony.

It looks like this 'unpaid guest' was also part of the "Kitchen Cabinet" for Paul Vallely's organization. Wouldn't know it now other than the fact the Google search results still show it, but you will get a big 404 error.


It looks like they've scrubbed the site, but hey, what's caching for, right?


And here are some images too:

So these guys want to sell us war, they want to sell us their version of national security, that torture isn't that bad, that we need to invade Iran right now; but yet they can't even vet their own guys? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.

It also looks like he was part of the Pentagon's military analyst program, how did that happen?
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